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Mason Greenwood makes low-key return to football in first Getafe appearance

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Return of Mason Greenwood

Mason Greenwood’s return to the football pitch with Getafe after a 20-month hiatus could be described as nothing short of low-key. The scene was set in an unassuming manner, with fewer than 100 fans braving the rain outside Getafe’s Estadio Coliseum Alfonso Perez as the team arrived. Sporting a pair of oversized headphones, Greenwood made his way from the coach to the home dressing room, a place that will become increasingly familiar to him throughout the season.

An hour into Getafe’s La Liga clash with Osasuna, with the score tied at 2-2, Greenwood was given the signal to warm up. Fifteen minutes later, he stepped onto the pitch, marking his long-awaited return to the sport after facing serious charges, including attempted rape and assault, nearly two years ago.

While it was evident that Greenwood was still working on regaining his peak fitness, he managed to conjure a couple of moments that harkened back to his glory days at Manchester United. A trademark stepover followed by a powerful shot led to a corner that resulted in Getafe’s thrilling 86th-minute victory.

Coach Jose Bordelas summed up the significance of the day, stating, “I guess it has been a very special day for him. It will give him great satisfaction to feel like a footballer again because to be a footballer is to play and to compete.”

However, the Greenwood saga is far from straightforward. His move to Spain has raised eyebrows, and it didn’t go unnoticed by Osasuna fans, who voiced their discontent with obscene chants that could lead to sanctions. Interestingly, Bordelas inadvertently revealed the club’s confusion regarding Greenwood’s transfer, as he initially credited England and Real Madrid star Jude Bellingham for recommending Getafe to Greenwood, a statement he later corrected.

Regarding the chants from Osasuna fans, opposing coach Jagoba Arrasate questioned why this moment was being highlighted among many more positive interactions from the visiting support.

Weather conditions may have played a role in the relatively subdued opposition to Greenwood’s presence outside the stadium before kickoff. However, it’s worth noting that the Ana Bella Foundation, a Spanish domestic abuse charity, had initially called for Getafe to revoke the transfer, citing the club’s moral responsibility in the face of allegations against Greenwood.

In contrast, some fans, like 17-year-old Pedro Bonito, saw things differently. Bonito received Greenwood’s shirt during his unveiling and plans to have it signed and framed. He expressed his belief in Greenwood’s innocence, although it’s important to clarify that Greenwood has neither been found innocent nor guilty, as charges were withdrawn by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Getafe is well aware that controversy surrounds Greenwood, but they hope it will subside as he continues to play. Their social media presence has been active, embracing the “starboy” tag, and while Manchester United’s stance is that they don’t expect Greenwood to return, he remains under contract with them, with the majority of his wages covered during his time in Spain.

For now, Greenwood is maintaining a low profile, declining to speak to the press, leaving Coach Bordelas to handle the inquiries. The focus, as Bordelas stated, is now firmly on football, and both Getafe and Greenwood are hoping for a successful and controversy-free season ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Return of Mason Greenwood

Q: Who is Mason Greenwood, and why is his return to football significant?

A: Mason Greenwood is a professional footballer who made his debut for Getafe after a 20-month absence from the sport due to serious legal charges. His return is significant because it marks a comeback for a talented player who faced a challenging period in his career.

Q: How did Mason Greenwood perform in his return to football with Getafe?

A: In his 15-minute substitute appearance, Greenwood showed glimpses of his skill and potential. He executed a trademark stepover and contributed to a crucial play that led to Getafe’s winning goal, demonstrating his ability to make an impact on the game despite his fitness limitations.

Q: Why did Mason Greenwood move to Getafe, and what controversy surrounded his transfer?

A: The reasons behind Greenwood’s move to Getafe were initially linked to endorsements from England and Real Madrid star Jude Bellingham, which was later revealed to be incorrect information. Controversy surrounded his transfer due to the serious legal charges he faced and the ethical considerations of signing a player with such allegations.

Q: What was the response of Osasuna fans to Mason Greenwood’s presence in the match?

A: Some Osasuna fans expressed their displeasure with obscene chants directed at Greenwood during the match, which raised concerns about the behavior of the supporters and the potential for sanctions.

Q: How has Getafe handled the controversy surrounding Mason Greenwood’s signing?

A: Getafe has embraced Greenwood’s presence on social media and continued to promote him as a “starboy.” They are aware of the controversy but hope it will diminish as Greenwood becomes more involved in the team.

Q: What is the status of Mason Greenwood’s legal situation?

A: As of now, Mason Greenwood has not been found either innocent or guilty, as the charges against him were withdrawn by the Crown Prosecution Service. The alleged victim requested the police drop their investigation in April 2022.

Q: What are the expectations for Mason Greenwood’s future with Getafe and Manchester United?

A: While Manchester United has indicated that they do not expect Greenwood to play for them again, he remains under contract with the club, with most of his wages covered during his time in Spain. The future trajectory of his career will depend on his performance and how the situation develops.

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soccerfan123 September 18, 2023 - 1:05 am

mason greenwood is bak after a long time, yay! ⚽

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dude got sum probs, but he’s playin again, so that’s smthn

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united’s not gonna take him back? wow, that’s sum drama right there!

SportsGuru55 September 18, 2023 - 6:25 pm

his return, like, kinda low key, but he did sum cool moves, y’know


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