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Max Verstappen Anticipates Tighter Competition in F1 as Christian Horner Reminisces on Red Bull’s Exceptional Season

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F1 Racing 2024

In 2023, Red Bull Racing achieved an extraordinary feat by clinching victories in 21 out of 22 Formula 1 races.

Max Verstappen of Red Bull, acknowledging the intelligence and capability of their rivals, predicts a more competitive atmosphere in the upcoming season. Verstappen, a 26-year-old Dutchman, was a pivotal figure in what is regarded as the most dominant season in Formula 1’s history.

Verstappen expressed, “We’re likely to see others enhance their vehicles and bridge the gap with us. It’s improbable to replicate our winning streak, but having such a season is already remarkable.”

Tune into 5 Live’s review of the season for an in-depth look at Verstappen’s record-breaking year.

In 2023, Verstappen secured 19 wins out of 22 races, while his teammate Sergio Perez won two. The only non-Red Bull victory was by Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz in Singapore.

Verstappen, a three-time world champion, set a new record by winning 85% of the races and led for 1,003 laps throughout the season.

In an interview for the 5 live F1 review show, Verstappen discussed how the stability in regulations going into 2024 might aid other teams in catching up with Red Bull. He said, “The competition is wise and learning. Keeping regulations unchanged means everyone understands better which development direction to take.”

Expecting all teams to progress towards Red Bull’s level, Verstappen remains uncertain about which team might make the most significant advancement.

“I hope we stay ahead, but let’s see in Bahrain,” he added.

The 2024 season kicks off with the Bahrain Grand Prix, set for 29 February to 2 March, and will feature a record 24 races.

Christian Horner, Red Bull team principal, concurred with Verstappen, stating, “The next two years will likely see much closer racing. We won’t repeat this year’s performance; it’s a ‘unicorn year’.”

Horner mentioned that Red Bull’s engineers are experiencing lesser gains in development due to their immediate success with the new technical rules introduced in 2022. He anticipates other teams will catch up as they learn from Red Bull’s strategies and adapt to the aerodynamic restrictions in the rules, which are more stringent for successful teams.

Horner explained Red Bull’s challenge for 2024, noting the diminishing returns and restricted wind tunnel time due to their success. Despite starting early on their new car, their practice time was less compared to many rivals.

Will Perez Secure His Position for 2025?

While Verstappen’s contract with Red Bull extends until 2028, Perez, 33, has a year left. Horner indicated that Perez must enhance his qualifying performances to retain his seat, highlighting his inconsistent qualifying results despite driving arguably the best F1 car ever.

Horner emphasized, “It’s Perez’s seat to lose. If he performs well in 2024, we might extend his contract. His race pace is good, but qualifying needs improvement.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about F1 Racing 2024

How did Red Bull perform in the Formula 1 2023 season?

Red Bull Racing achieved an exceptional record in the 2023 Formula 1 season, winning 21 out of the 22 races, with Max Verstappen winning 19 of these.

What are Max Verstappen’s predictions for the 2024 F1 season?

Max Verstappen predicts that other teams will improve their cars and close the gap with Red Bull in the 2024 season, making the competition tighter.

What record did Max Verstappen set in the 2023 F1 season?

Max Verstappen set a record by winning 85% of the races in the 2023 season, totaling 19 victories, and led for 1,003 laps.

What did Christian Horner say about Red Bull’s 2023 season?

Christian Horner, Red Bull team principal, referred to the 2023 season as a ‘unicorn year’, highlighting its uniqueness and unlikely repetition due to diminishing returns in car development.

Will Sergio Perez remain with Red Bull after 2024?

Sergio Perez’s future with Red Bull beyond 2024 depends on his performance in the upcoming season, particularly needing improvement in qualifying races.

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SpeedFreak77 December 21, 2023 - 2:31 pm

wow, red bulls domination this year was just crazy! 21 wins out of 22, that’s like, unheard of in F1 history, right? verstappen is just on another level.

F1_Newbie December 21, 2023 - 9:13 pm

Just started following F1 and wow, what an intro with Red Bull’s dominance. Excited to see if 2024 brings more competition. Also, is it just me or is F1 really complex with all these rules and stuff?

RacingFanatic December 22, 2023 - 4:06 am

Honestly, I’m not surprised Max is downplaying next year. Teams like Mercedes and Ferrari are no joke, they’ll bounce back for sure. But still, what a season for Red Bull!


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