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New York Knicks Beat Washington Wizards to Claim Play-Off Berth

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Immanuel Quickley was one of four players who made over 20 points for the Knicks.

The New York Knicks beat the Washington Wizards in a game 118-109 which resulted in their ticket to the NBA play-offs!

Unfortunately, this was bad news for the Wizards because it meant that they were now out of the running and wouldn’t be able to participate in the play-in.

On top of that, with their win against the Charlotte Hornets (128-108) Toronto Raptors will also take part in the play-in!

The NBA regular season will end on 9 April. After that, from 11 to 14 April there will be a special tournament called the ‘play-in’ before the playoffs start on 15 April.

Recently, Atlanta won a big game against Dallas. Even though in February they got Kyrie Irving to join the team, Dallas is still having trouble making it into the playoffs.

In the winning game for Atlanta, Trae Young scored 24 points and made two successful free throws with just 1.8 seconds left in overtime – which was enough to secure their win of 132-130 against Dallas!

Despite many chances to win, the Dallas Mavericks ended up losing their game against Miami after an extra overtime period. Irving from the Mavericks scored a high 41 points during the game – his highest since joining them from Brooklyn Nets. Unfortunately, he was deemed to have fouled Young which allowed him to score the winning points from a punish free-throw line shot and end Miami’s 3 game losing streak with a victory over Dallas.

Kevin Durant scored 35 points, including 13 in the fourth quarter, to help his team, the Phoenix Suns, beat the Oklahoma City Thunder 128-118. This was their fifth win in a row! Even though Oklahoma City has lost five out of seven games recently, they are still one game ahead of Dallas in the Western Conference standings and have a chance at the play-in tournament.

Anthony Davis scored 40 points during the Los Angeles Lakers’ game against the Houston Rockets, helping his team to victory. LeBron James got 18 points and earned a triple-double in the game too. The Lakers currently have 6 wins in 7 games, so they are close to secure a spot in playoffs for the West conference. Meanwhile, The Milwaukee Bucks are leading the Eastern Conference despite losing a recent match with Boston Celtics. But their loss didn’t seem to affect them when they beat Philadelphia 76ers 117-104.

Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Bucks scored 33 points and grabbed 14 rebounds. While his rival for this years MVP award, Joel Embiid of the76ers, had 28 points.

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