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Paul Pogba’s Turin Troubles: A Year to Forget Since Returning to Juventus

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In 2022, the news of Paul Pogba’s return to Juventus sparked excitement and nostalgia among fans in Turin. It was a reunion with a glorious past, evoking memories of the team’s consecutive domestic titles and impressive Champions League runs. Pogba’s earlier stint had seen him shine alongside midfield maestros like Andrea Pirlo, Claudio Marchisio, and Arturo Vidal.

The following day, supporters flocked to the JMedical centre, eager to welcome Pogba and fellow new signing Angel di Maria. The stage seemed set for a renaissance. Massimiliano Allegri was at the helm, and hopes were high for a return to European success that even Cristiano Ronaldo couldn’t achieve.

However, as the months unfolded, Pogba’s second chapter at Juventus turned into a nightmare. It began with an uphill battle as he suffered a right knee injury just two weeks after his arrival during a pre-season tour in the USA. Despite advice to undergo surgery, Pogba chose a non-invasive treatment, aiming to recover in time for the World Cup. Sadly, this decision backfired, and he missed out on the tournament, witnessing France’s final defeat from the stands.

Further setbacks, including a muscle strain and a disciplinary issue, kept Pogba sidelined until February of the following year. He made his return as a substitute in the Turin derby but faced another setback with a thigh injury during training. Eventually, after a long wait, he managed encouraging appearances in Serie A and the Europa League in May, finally earning a starting spot after more than a year.

May 14 was a night meant to mark Pogba’s triumphant comeback, as Juventus faced Cremonese at the Allianz Stadium. The crowd welcomed him with open arms, hoping he could put the troubles behind him. But just 24 minutes into the match, disaster struck. Pogba grimaced in pain, tears streaming down his face as he left the field. The entire stadium was left stunned, witnessing their idol’s anguish.

The ‘Pogback’ turned out to be a mere 161 minutes on the pitch, without scoring a goal. Considering his high wages, Pogba has been an expensive investment for Juventus this season. Still, the club remains committed to him, hopeful that he will bounce back and justify the four-year contract they awarded him.

Pogba acknowledges that his injuries have taken a toll on him mentally. He believes his physical problems stemmed from the stress and pressure he was under. The midfielder desires a fresh start, both physically and mentally, but the image that remains in the minds of Juventus fans is the sight of Pogba shedding tears against Cremonese, leaving doubts about his ability to make a full recovery.

Looking ahead, Pogba’s future seems to lie with Juventus, as finding another club willing to take on his substantial wages would be challenging. With his contract running until 2026, the only option is to move forward, leaving the past behind and focusing on revitalizing his career.

Nevertheless, the road ahead for Pogba is paved with the memories of surgeries, personal troubles, and frustrating comebacks since his departure from Juventus in 2016. What he truly needs is a complete reset, physically and mentally. Only time will tell if he can overcome these challenges and regain his form, leaving behind the tears that haunt the memories of Juventus supporters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about struggles

What were the major challenges faced by Paul Pogba since returning to Juventus?

Paul Pogba encountered several major challenges since his return to Juventus. He suffered a right knee injury shortly after arriving, missed out on the World Cup due to surgery, faced additional muscle strains, disciplinary issues, and sustained a thigh injury during training. These setbacks limited his playing time and impacted his overall performance.

How long did Paul Pogba’s second stint at Juventus last?

Paul Pogba’s second stint at Juventus lasted for approximately one season. However, his playing time was significantly limited due to various injuries and setbacks, resulting in only 161 minutes of gameplay across different competitions.

Did Paul Pogba manage to score any goals during his time at Juventus?

No, Paul Pogba did not score any goals during his second stint at Juventus. Despite his limited playing time, he failed to find the back of the net in any matches he participated in.

How did Paul Pogba’s injuries affect him mentally?

Paul Pogba has spoken about the impact of his injuries on his mental well-being. He expressed that the physical problems he faced were often linked to the stress and pressure he experienced, suggesting a strong connection between mental and physical health.

What does the future hold for Paul Pogba at Juventus?

Currently, Paul Pogba’s future appears to be with Juventus. With his contract running until 2026, the club remains committed to him despite the challenges he has faced. Juventus hopes that Pogba can recover physically and mentally, returning to his best form and contributing significantly to the team’s success.

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ItalianFootballExpert July 10, 2023 - 2:45 pm

Juve stickin’ with Pogba despite all the setbacks. That’s loyalty, folks! Let’s hope he can turn things around and shine for the team. Forza Juve!

TrueJuveFan July 10, 2023 - 8:51 pm

Pogba’s return was a disaster, man. So much potential, but injuries kept ruinin’ it. Juve’s gotta support him, tho. We need him at his best!

SoccerFan87 July 11, 2023 - 1:21 am

paul pogba’s juventus comeback wuz like a real mess, injuries nd stuffs. poor guy couldn’t even score a goal, damm! hope he gets betta soon tho.

SoccerAddict23 July 11, 2023 - 2:03 am

Pogba’s injuries messed up his mental game too, yo. Stress and injuries go hand in hand, man. Hope he can bounce back and find his groove again!

FootieLover22 July 11, 2023 - 4:06 am

Pogba’s second stint at Juve was total chaos, bro. Injuries all ova da place, no goals, jus’ pain. C’mon Pogba, get it together and show ’em what ya got!


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