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Rangers 2-1 Greenock Morton: Michael Beale’s side make hard work of visitors

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Hard-fought victory

Rangers managed a challenging victory over Greenock Morton with a 2-1 scoreline in a match where they struggled to find their rhythm. In the encounter, Danilo, who came on as a substitute, secured the comeback win for Michael Beale’s side.

Rangers, who had made several changes to their lineup following their recent triumph against Servette in Europe, faced difficulties in overcoming second-tier team Greenock Morton. Despite the alterations, Rangers displayed a lack of fluidity similar to their opponents. Surprisingly, Greenock Morton managed to take the lead in the second half through a penalty converted by Grant Gillespie.

However, this setback served as a wake-up call for the home team. They managed to level the score when Cyriel Dessers converted a penalty, which was awarded after a VAR review. The turning point came when substitute Danilo fired in the winning goal.

Rangers struggled to extend their lead further, with attempts from Ianis Hagi and Abdallah Sima being thwarted by the impressive performance of Greenock Morton’s goalkeeper, Jamie MacDonald. Despite the support of their passionate away crowd, Morton had their chances, including a free-kick from Robbie Muirhead and an opportunity for Robbie Crawford. Gillespie’s penalty, earned after Dessers’ foul on Kirk Broadfoot, was a highlight for the visitors.

Greenock Morton even came close to securing a last-minute equalizer, but debutant Johnly Yfeko’s crucial tackle on George Oakley and a missed chance by former Rangers defender Broadfoot prevented that outcome.

The match saw a significant transformation for Rangers when Danilo, Hagi, and Sima were introduced. Prior to their entry, the team had struggled for much of the first hour, lacking inspiration. Dessers had an earlier goal disallowed due to a soft foul on O’Connor, a decision that could not be reviewed due to the referee’s whistle.

While Beale’s team showed less than convincing performance once again, the manager will likely be given some time to allow his new-look squad to gel. However, questions about the effectiveness of the team’s summer recruitment will persist until they demonstrate more consistent performances.

The standout player of the match was Jamie MacDonald, the veteran goalkeeper of Morton, whose exceptional display gave his team a chance to achieve a memorable result.

Line-ups, match statistics, and player ratings are also provided, highlighting notable performances from players such as Lewis McGrattan, Hagi, Dessers, and Danilo.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Hard-fought victory

What was the final score of the match between Rangers and Greenock Morton?

The final score was 2-1 in favor of Rangers.

Who scored the winning goal for Rangers in this match?

The winning goal for Rangers was scored by substitute Danilo.

How did the match unfold for Rangers despite their lineup changes?

Rangers struggled to find their rhythm and fluidity despite making several lineup changes.

How did Greenock Morton manage to take the lead?

Greenock Morton took the lead through a penalty, which was converted by Grant Gillespie.

What prompted the equalizing goal for Rangers?

Rangers equalized through Cyriel Dessers’ spot-kick, awarded after a VAR review.

Who stood out as a key player for Morton in this match?

Morton’s goalkeeper Jamie MacDonald stood out with an impressive display, giving his team a chance for a memorable result.

What impact did substitutions have on the match?

Substitutes Danilo, Hagi, and Sima transformed Rangers’ performance, sparking a turnaround.

Why was Danilo’s goal particularly important for Rangers?

Danilo’s goal off the bench secured the comeback victory for Rangers.

How did Rangers’ manager Michael Beale approach the match?

Michael Beale made eight changes to his team’s lineup following a recent European victory.

What challenges did Rangers face during the match?

Rangers struggled to add gloss to their victory, with attempts from Hagi and Sima denied by Morton’s inspired goalkeeper.

Was there any controversy regarding a disallowed goal?

Yes, Cyriel Dessers had a goal disallowed due to a soft foul, but the decision couldn’t be reviewed as the referee had blown the whistle.

What will be the focus moving forward for Rangers and their manager?

Rangers’ manager Michael Beale is likely to receive time for his new-look team to gel, but questions about summer recruitment will persist until consistent performances are demonstrated.

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CrazyAboutGoals August 19, 2023 - 4:47 pm

rangers nvr gave up! equalizin’ peno by dessers, danilo’s fire = epic comeback. macdonald tho, WOW, morton’s keeper rockin’!

GoalGetter22 August 19, 2023 - 7:00 pm

rangers-morton match = rollercoaster! gillespie’s pen, danilo’s rescue, and macdonald’s stops, what a thrill!

LoyalSupporter August 19, 2023 - 7:17 pm

makin’ 8 changes afta european win, rangers struggled, but danilo’s goal saved the day. greeenock gave a fight!

SoccerEnthusiast August 20, 2023 - 1:13 am

rough start, lackin’ fluency, but danilo’s bombshell – rangers pull thru! questions ’bout beale’s moves, tho…

SoccerFan87 August 20, 2023 - 4:15 am

rangers won 2-1 vs greenock morton?! dats intense! danilo da hero off da bench, awesum!

FootballBuff August 20, 2023 - 6:57 am

rangers’ win, hard-fought! substitutions Hagi, Sima, Danilo changed the whole game, excitin’ stuff!


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