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Rangers 2-1 Servette: Hosts earn Champions League qualifying advantage over 10-man Swiss side

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Rangers made a comeback from their domestic loss by gaining a one-goal lead in the first-leg against 10-man Servette in Champions League qualifying. Referred to as a “mega game” by manager Michael Beale, Rangers started energetically after their weekend defeat at Kilmarnock. The team’s spirited start saw James Tavernier calmly converting a penalty and Cyriel Dessers scoring his debut goal within the initial 15 minutes.

Although the hosts could have potentially secured the tie, they allowed the undermanned Swiss side to claw one back right before halftime, with a Dessers’ handball leading to Chris Bedia’s penalty conversion. Rangers didn’t capitalize on their advantage, especially after Servette’s David Douline was sent off, and their profligacy in front of goal may become a crucial factor in the tie.

The away team’s resilience, in spite of missing key players for various reasons, kept them in contention for the third-round qualifier. Rangers were thwarted by Servette’s goalkeeper Joel Mall on several occasions and lacked the finesse in the final pass that could have avoided revisiting missed opportunities.

Rangers’ manager emphasized the win but acknowledged the task is only half done, with the return leg scheduled for next Tuesday in Geneva. There was praise for Todd Cantwell, who was influential in Rangers’ midfield. Despite an improved performance, Rangers still showed signs of the issues that troubled them during their lackluster weekend performance, and questions remain regarding their attacking potency.

Servette’s coach Rene Weiler acknowledged the tough start but expressed hope for the next leg. Rangers’ next game is against Livingston in the Scottish Premiership, while Servette will face St Gallen in the Swiss Super League.

The possession stats for the game were 69% for Rangers and 31% for Servette, with the home team firing 22 shots to the visitors’ 8, and 8 on target compared to 4. There were 2 corners for Rangers and 5 for Servette, with 17 fouls committed by the home side and 10 by the away team.

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What was the final score between Rangers and Servette in the Champions League qualifying match?

The final score was 2-1 in favor of Rangers.

Who scored the goals for Rangers?

James Tavernier scored a penalty, and Cyriel Dessers bundled in his first goal for the club in the opening 15 minutes.

Why was the match considered significant by Rangers’ manager Michael Beale?

Michael Beale labeled it a “mega game,” and it was seen as an opportunity for Rangers to bounce back after a domestic defeat.

Was there a red card in the game, and who received it?

Yes, David Douline of Servette received a red card for a second bookable offense.

When and where is the return leg of this qualifying round scheduled?

The return leg is scheduled to take place in Geneva next Tuesday.

Who was the player of the match, and why was he significant?

Todd Cantwell was the player of the match, highlighting his importance to the Rangers midfield with an outstanding first-half display.

What are the upcoming fixtures for both Rangers and Servette?

Rangers will host Livingston in the Scottish Premiership on Saturday, while Servette will host St Gallen in the Swiss Super League the same day.

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BlueBard88 August 10, 2023 - 5:37 am

cantwell was amazin last night, clearly showing why he needs to be in the startin lineup.

SoccerFan21 August 10, 2023 - 9:43 am

That was a close one for Rangers, could’ve been much easier if they just finshed those chances. Dessers needs to step it up!

ServetteForever August 10, 2023 - 11:35 am

Tough start but we pulled through! Rene Weiler got the tactics spot on, Even with a man down we’re still in it, Next week’s gonna be intense!

GlasgowGal August 10, 2023 - 11:46 am

Rangers have to do better next time, can’t afford to miss so many chances, this is the champions league after all.

SwissSupporter August 10, 2023 - 7:19 pm

Servette’s still in it, never thought they’d pull one back with 10 men, and against Rangers at home, lookin forward to the return leg.

TacticalTim August 10, 2023 - 9:25 pm

the lack of final pass really hurt Rangers. seems like they need to work on their offense more, defense seemed solid enough.


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