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Rory McIlroy Expresses Determination to Win Another Major Despite US Open 2023 Loss

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Rory McIlroy US Open 2023

Rory McIlroy hasn’t tasted the victory of a major title since his triumphs at The Open and US PGA Championship in 2014.

Following his loss at the 2023 US Open in Los Angeles, McIlroy expressed his tenacity, stating that he “would endure 100 Sundays like this” to claim another major title.

Wyndham Clark, the American golfer, denied the 34-year-old the coveted trophy, securing his first major win by a mere one stroke margin.

Despite being in contention throughout, McIlroy’s performance faltered at a critical point. A bogey on the 14th hole negated his lone birdie of the round.

“When I finally clinch this next major, the victory will be all the more sweeter,” McIlroy, a four-time major champion, said.

Since his last victory at the US PGA Championship in Kentucky, McIlroy has contested 33 majors without a win.

Over this period, he has secured nine top-five finishes and faced numerous close calls, including the previous year at The Open at St Andrews, where he entered the final round as a joint leader, only to lose by two strokes.

Although he never led at the US Open, McIlroy’s exceptional teeing and consistent green-hitting kept him in a strong position. Unfortunately, he struggled with longer putts, resulting in 16 pars, one birdie, and one bogey.

“I would endure 100 Sundays like this for a shot at another major championship,” McIlroy, who has five consecutive top-10 finishes at the US Opens, stated.

Despite the challenging conditions at the golf course, he praised his performance. “Overall, I played a solid round. In such tournaments, small margins make a huge difference. But, I fought till the very end.”

His next opportunity to break his major title drought will come at the 151st Open Championship in July at Royal Liverpool. This is where he won the Claret Jug in 2014, his third major out of the four he has won.

McIlroy was already thinking about his preparations for the upcoming tournament. “I started preparing for it three minutes ago,” he said.

He will play at the Travelers Championship next week on the PGA Tour and then at the Scottish Open in July. However, his primary focus is on being ready for the challenge at Liverpool.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Rory McIlroy US Open 2023

Q: When was the last time Rory McIlroy won a major title?

A: Rory McIlroy’s last major title victory was in 2014 when he won The Open and the US PGA Championship.

Q: How did Rory McIlroy perform at the US Open 2023?

A: Rory McIlroy was a strong contender throughout the US Open 2023 but fell short of the victory. He was pipped to the trophy by Wyndham Clark, who won his first major by a one-shot margin.

Q: How many majors has Rory McIlroy won in his career?

A: Rory McIlroy has won a total of four major titles in his career. He secured victories at the US Open (2011), The Open (2014), and the US PGA Championship (2012, 2014).

Q: How many majors has Rory McIlroy contested since his last victory in 2014?

A: Since his last major title win in 2014, Rory McIlroy has contested 33 majors without securing another victory.

Q: What are Rory McIlroy’s plans for future tournaments?

A: Rory McIlroy’s next chance to win a major title will be at the 151st Open Championship at Royal Liverpool. He plans to play in the Travelers Championship and the Scottish Open as part of his preparations for the tournament.

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SportsEnthusiast23 June 19, 2023 - 4:38 pm

rory mcilroy’s last major win was in 2014? woah, time flies! but he’s had so many top-five finishes since then. he’s definitely due for another major title. rooting for him to get that claret jug at royal liverpool! #RoryRocks

BirdieHunter June 19, 2023 - 5:04 pm

omg! wyndham clark beat rory mcilroy by 1 shot! that’s so close! rory has had some near misses in the past, but he’s still fighting for another major. gotta admire his perseverance. #MajorHunt

GolfGuru99 June 19, 2023 - 6:48 pm

rory mcilroy’s game is on fire off the tee, but those putts, man! gotta work on those. still, he’s got the talent and determination. can’t wait to see him conquer another major. keep swingin’, rory!

GolfFan88 June 20, 2023 - 4:04 am

rory mcilroy sure is determined! he hasn’t won a major in years but he’s still got that fire. can’t wait to see him play at royal liverpool! go rory!


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