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Steve Smith’s 100th Test: A Journey of Batting, Resilience, and Controversy

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Australian cricketer Steve Smith is set to join an elite group of players as he reaches his 100th Test match. While the Lord’s crowd turning against the Australian team is nothing new for Smith, he acknowledges that this is a regular occurrence during his visits to England. With his milestone match taking place at Headingley, Smith doesn’t anticipate a warm reception in Leeds, especially after the recent Jonny Bairstow stumping controversy.

Smith’s sandpaper-related past ensures that he will always be unwelcome in England. However, there is an alternative universe where Smith could have represented England, as he had the opportunity to play for the country due to his English mother. Despite the English roots and accent that still exist within his family, Smith’s allegiance lies firmly with Australia. When he was offered a rookie contract with New South Wales, he chose to represent his home country, given that many of his cricketing heroes were already playing there at the time.

Three years after his stint with Sevenoaks Cricket Club in 2007, Smith made his Test debut, initially as a leg-spinning all-rounder. Tasked with filling the void left by the legendary Shane Warne, Smith bowled 21 overs and took three wickets while batting at number eight against Pakistan in 2010. However, his true passion lay in batting, and he always aspired to become a batsman.

Smith’s dedication to batting is evident through his remarkable performances, repeatedly accumulating a colossal number of runs with an unorthodox yet inexplicably effective technique. Even Smith himself finds it challenging to explain the unique movements and eccentric leaves he employs. Despite his unusual style, Smith consistently manages to adopt an impenetrable position, displaying exceptional skills in his cover drive, back-foot punch, and pull shot.

Reflecting on his batting, Smith admits that he often wonders what he was doing in certain moments when he watches the footage. However, he believes that not knowing exactly what he’s doing on the field allows his natural instincts to take over. This mental state often coincides with his most flamboyant leaves and serves as an indication of his solid mindset.

Smith epitomizes the age-old cricket adage that it’s not just about how one plays but also how many runs one scores. In terms of sheer numbers, Smith has proven to be one of the most prolific run-scorers of his era. With a career average of 59.56, he outshines any current player with a minimum of 20 Test innings. Only five players in Test history boast a higher average. Moreover, his tally of 32 centuries surpasses that of any other active player.

When evaluating Smith’s career, it is impossible to overlook his involvement in the 2018 sandpaper scandal, which resulted in him losing the captaincy and being banned for a year. This dark chapter continues to haunt him, especially whenever he plays in England. During his ban, Smith underwent an elbow operation that made him question his future in cricket. He also found solace in New York, where he and his wife Dani have purchased a flat, finding respite in the bustling city that doesn’t prioritize cricket and allows him some anonymity.

Had Smith not returned to cricket, his life might have revolved around playing the guitar, managing his successful investment in a mattress company, and indulging in his passion for horse racing. Currently, he is part of a group that recently acquired a gelding named Are You Joking?

However, Smith did make his comeback, marking it with a historic Ashes performance in 2019. Not only did he score two centuries in the Ashes opener, but he also faced an intensely hostile atmosphere at Edgbaston. The tension was so palpable that Dani sought refuge in the Test Match Special commentary box, unable to watch. Smith considers that match to be his favorite among his 99 Tests, alongside the thrilling two-wicket victory in the first Test of the ongoing series at the same venue.

In the second Test, Smith continued his impressive form by scoring yet another century in the first innings. However, the Lord’s crowd soon unleashed their displeasure upon him. This century marked Smith’s 12th against England, a record exceeded only by the legendary Don Bradman in Ashes cricket. Smith’s tally of 3,210 runs in Ashes Tests places him fourth on the all-time list. It’s plausible that he may soon trail only Bradman in this regard as well.

To be spoken about in the same breath as Bradman is a flattering honor for Smith. Ashes cricket has always been the pinnacle for him, representing the ultimate challenge. Engaging in fierce battles and striving for success on behalf of his team is something he relishes. With considerable accomplishments already behind him, Smith hopes to add more to his illustrious career.

Smith acknowledges that his Ashes journey may conclude with just three more Tests in the UK. At 34 years old, he will be 38 when Australia next tours England, and he expresses doubt about his participation in that series. Nevertheless, for now, spectators are encouraged to watch Smith bat while they still have the opportunity, even if some choose to express their disapproval.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about cricket journey

Who is Steve Smith?

Steve Smith is an Australian cricketer known for his exceptional batting skills and unorthodox technique. He has represented Australia in numerous Test matches and has achieved remarkable success throughout his career.

How many Test matches has Steve Smith played?

Steve Smith has played 100 Test matches, making him one of the few Australian players to reach this milestone. His consistent performances have made him a key player in the Australian cricket team.

What is Steve Smith’s batting average?

Steve Smith currently holds an impressive career batting average of 59.56 in Test matches. This places him among the highest averages in the history of the game, reflecting his remarkable ability to score runs consistently.

What is the controversy surrounding Steve Smith?

Steve Smith was involved in a high-profile controversy known as the sandpaper scandal in 2018. He, along with other players, was found guilty of ball tampering during a Test match. As a result, he faced severe consequences, including losing the captaincy and a one-year ban from cricket.

How has Steve Smith performed in Ashes cricket?

Steve Smith has been exceptional in Ashes cricket, particularly against England. He has scored 12 centuries in Ashes matches, a record surpassed only by the legendary Don Bradman. Smith’s performances have been crucial in Australia’s success in the Ashes series.

Will Steve Smith continue playing Test cricket?

While it is uncertain, Steve Smith has expressed doubts about participating in future Test series, especially when Australia tours England. As he approaches his mid-thirties, he may choose to focus on other aspects of his life and career outside of international cricket.

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CricketFan21 July 5, 2023 - 9:03 am

wow steve smith is such an amazin batsman, his avg is like superr high n he playd 100 tests thats like a lot!! ashess cricket is the best and hes scored so many 100s against england. cant wait to see him play more!!

BattingEnthusiast July 5, 2023 - 10:17 am

steve smith is a real gem of a cricketer, his style is so diffrent n unique, some ppl dont get it but he just keeps scorin runs. n yea the sandpapr thing was bad but he paid the price n hes bak strong. hope he keeps battin like this!

SportsTalker23 July 5, 2023 - 12:10 pm

smith’s career has had its ups n downs, but his talent is undeniable. i hope he keeps playin for a long time, his battin is such a treat to watch. go smith, show ’em how its done!

CricketStatsFanatic July 6, 2023 - 7:50 am

smith’s career avg of 59.56 is insane!! onli a few players av higher than him in test cricket. n hes scored so many runs in ashes!! bradman is the onli one with more 100s. he’s a legend of the game, no doubt!


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