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Stuart Broad Takes Full Responsibility for England’s Mistakes Against Australia in The Ashes 2023

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Ashes 2023

Stuart Broad acknowledged his error with “no excuse” for the no-ball that bowled Usman Khawaja, adding to England’s four costly mistakes on the second day of the first Ashes Test.

As Khawaja advanced his score to 112, Broad overstepped, allowing him to resume on day three at 126, while Australia remained at 311-5, trailing by 82 runs.

In addition to Broad’s no-ball, Jonny Bairstow missed two opportunities behind the stumps, and Joe Root failed to grab an edge past slip late on Saturday.

Expressing his frustration, Broad shared with Test Match Special, “It’s really frustrating. I got tight to the line, and it was a close decision.”

Despite England’s wastefulness, Usman Khawaja’s superb century shone through on day two, as England bowled 13 no-balls, the highest since Ben Stokes took over as captain last summer. Broad contributed six of these no-balls, his most ever in a Test innings.

During an enthralling day at Edgbaston, England initially restricted Australia to 148-4 and later 220-5 in response to the home team’s declared total of 393-8.

However, Bairstow, chosen over Ben Foakes for wicketkeeping duties, missed a stumping opportunity off Cameron Green’s second ball, allowing the all-rounder to contribute 38 runs in a 72-run partnership with Khawaja.

Additionally, Bairstow dropped Alex Carey on 26 and Root missed him on 46. Carey remained unbeaten on 52, with his unbroken partnership with Khawaja amassing 91 runs.

“We did create enough chances to probably bowl Australia out today, but also, really it doesn’t strike me as a sort of pitch on day two where you would be looking to get 10 wickets in a day,” remarked Broad.

Michael Vaughan, who captained England to Ashes victory in 2005, expressed concerns about their preparation for the series.

Bairstow had only recently returned to the game after a nine-month absence due to a broken leg, while Root had served as a reserve for the Indian Premier League’s Rajasthan Royals throughout April and May.

England’s sole warm-up for The Ashes was a three-day victory over Ireland at the beginning of the month, and some players spent the week before the first Test playing golf in Scotland.

Vaughan voiced his concerns, stating, “The concentration element of fielding and being out there for long periods, you get that by playing cricket, and that’s my only concern.”

He further added, “The freedom of the mind and the culture England have created is fantastic. I love it. But having the body prepared for longer periods, you only get that by playing cricket. England will be rueing four missed chances.”

Earlier in the day, Broad dismissed his old rival David Warner, chopping the ball onto the stumps, marking the 15th time he has dismissed the Australian opener in Test cricket.

On the following delivery, Broad claimed the outside edge of Marnus Labuschagne’s bat, resulting in a spectacular catch by Bairstow.

Despite the missed opportunities, the 36-year-old Broad remains optimistic about England’s position, saying, “We had a really good day. The game is nicely poised. We are 82 runs ahead, one or two wickets away from the tail. It has been a hard grueling day on a pitch that offered very little, but being in this position is a really positive place to be.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ashes 2023

What mistakes did Stuart Broad take responsibility for in The Ashes 2023?

Stuart Broad took responsibility for his no-ball that bowled Usman Khawaja, along with England’s other errors, including missed chances by Jonny Bairstow and a dropped catch by Joe Root.

How did Stuart Broad feel about his no-ball and the close decision?

Stuart Broad expressed frustration and acknowledged that there was no excuse for his no-ball. He believed it was a close decision and accepted full responsibility for the error.

How many no-balls did England bowl in the innings?

England collectively bowled 13 no-balls in the innings, with Stuart Broad being responsible for six of them, marking his highest number of no-balls in a Test innings.

What were the missed chances by Jonny Bairstow and Joe Root?

Jonny Bairstow missed a stumping chance off Cameron Green’s second ball and dropped a catch of Alex Carey on 26. Joe Root also missed a catch of Carey on 46, resulting in missed opportunities for England.

What were Michael Vaughan’s concerns about England’s preparation?

Michael Vaughan expressed concerns about England’s preparation for the series. He mentioned that some players had limited playing time before the Ashes, and their bodies might not be fully prepared for the grueling series.

How did Stuart Broad view England’s position despite the mistakes?

Despite the mistakes and missed chances, Stuart Broad remained optimistic about England’s position. He believed that the game was nicely poised, with England being 82 runs ahead and close to reaching the tail of the Australian team.

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