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The Ashes 2023: England must ‘go harder’ to beat Australia after Test loss, says Jon Lewis

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Ashes Test

Head coach Jon Lewis is calling on the England team to intensify their efforts in order to defeat Australia after their loss in the one-off Ashes Test. Australia secured a commanding 89-run victory on the fifth day at Trent Bridge, with off-spinner Ashleigh Gardner claiming eight wickets.

To regain the Ashes, England now require nine points from the remaining six white-ball games, with each win worth two points. Lewis believes that England possesses the talent and skill required to mount a strong offensive against Australia. Despite the defeat, he feels that the game demonstrated England’s proximity to their opponents in terms of ability.

Conversations with some of the players revealed that they have gained confidence in their ability to defeat Australia. Lewis aims to channel this positive mindset into the upcoming white-ball series, particularly focusing on improving their batting performance as a team. He intends to encourage the players to be more assertive and challenge the Australian bowlers by stepping up their game.

While Australia emerged as the victors in a relatively comfortable manner, England had opportunities to seize control throughout the match but failed to capitalize on them. Lewis highlighted key moments in the game where England could have made a significant impact, such as when Australia was 240-6 in the first innings but managed to reach 475, and when England was 390-4 in their first innings but fell 10 runs short. He acknowledged the credit due to Annabel Sutherland, who scored an unbeaten 137.

Captain Heather Knight admitted that crucial evening sessions on the third and fourth days proved costly for England. She acknowledged that Australia batted well during those periods and took advantage of scoring opportunities, while England’s bowling could have been more effective. Knight commended her team’s resilience, noting that they made a strong comeback after facing setbacks.

All-rounder Tahlia McGrath, a key contributor for Australia with both bat and ball, described their approach as “boring” but effective. She emphasized the importance of executing the basics well and maintaining a composed mindset, despite experiencing nerves during the match. McGrath acknowledged England’s strong form and recognized the challenges of playing in away conditions.

One positive for England was the impressive performance of debutant fast bowler Lauren Filer. At just 22 years old, Filer made an impact by taking four wickets in the match, including the dismissals of renowned Australian players Ellyse Perry and McGrath. Knight expressed satisfaction with Filer’s contribution and praised her spell before lunch on the fourth day, which helped England regain momentum. Lewis acknowledged that selecting Filer was a bold decision, considering her limited experience in red-ball cricket, but he found her potential and pace exciting.

Looking ahead, McGrath mentioned that Australia approached the series with caution due to England’s strong performance. She acknowledged the remaining six games and the need to prepare for them after celebrating their Test victory.

Overall, Lewis is urging England to raise their intensity and take a more aggressive approach against Australia in the upcoming matches, building on the lessons learned from their Test defeat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ashes Test

What was the outcome of the Ashes Test between England and Australia?

Australia emerged as the winners of the one-off Ashes Test, securing an 89-run victory on the fifth day at Trent Bridge.

What does Jon Lewis, the coach of England, emphasize after the Test loss?

Jon Lewis urges the England team to “go harder” against Australia following their defeat in the Ashes Test. He emphasizes the need for increased intensity and aggressiveness in the upcoming matches.

What does Lewis believe about England’s chances against Australia?

Lewis believes that England has the talent and skill to effectively challenge Australia. Despite the loss, he feels that the game showcased England’s proximity to their opponents in terms of ability.

How does Lewis plan to improve England’s performance in the white-ball series?

Lewis intends to encourage the players, especially in terms of batting, to be more assertive and exploit opportunities against the Australian bowlers. He aims to capitalize on the confidence gained from the Test and channel it into the white-ball series.

What were the key moments in the Test where England missed opportunities?

According to Lewis, England had the chance to gain an advantage when Australia was 240-6 in the first innings but managed to reach 475. Additionally, England fell short by 10 runs when they were 390-4 in their first innings. These moments could have made a significant difference in the outcome of the Test.

How did Tahlia McGrath describe Australia’s approach to the Test?

McGrath described Australia’s approach as “boring” but effective. They focused on executing the basics well and maintaining composure throughout the match.

Who were the standout performers for England in the Test?

Lauren Filer, a debutant fast bowler, was a standout performer for England, taking four wickets in the match and consistently troubling the Australian top-order. Tahlia McGrath also made notable contributions for Australia, scoring a half-century and taking wickets across the match.

How did Captain Heather Knight assess England’s performance?

Knight acknowledged that England made the game tough for themselves with missed opportunities during certain evening sessions. However, she highlighted the team’s resilience and their ability to come back after facing setbacks.

How did Australia’s scoring rate compare to England’s in the Test?

Despite being labeled as “boring” by McGrath, Australia scored at a fractionally slower rate than England. In their second innings, Australia went at 3.26 runs per over, while in the first innings, they scored at 3.80. In comparison, England scored at 3.81 runs per over in their first innings and 3.63 in the second innings.

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