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The Ashes 2023: England’s Tammy Beaumont revels in ‘special’ double century

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Tammy Beaumont, the English cricketer, expressed her delight in achieving a “remarkable” double century against the world’s top-ranked team, Australia, in the Ashes 2023.

At 32 years old, Beaumont surpassed Betty Snowball’s 88-year-old record of 189 by scoring an impressive 208 runs at Trent Bridge. She was the final wicket to fall as England posted a total of 463 runs. At the end of day three, Australia stood at 82-0, leading by 92 runs.

Beaumont humbly acknowledged her accomplishment, saying, “It’s a great honor. I simply had an exceptional day on the field. I wasn’t aware of the milestone, which is why I didn’t celebrate it immediately since we still needed more runs. Achieving this feat in England against the best team in the world makes it even more special, and I hope it etches its place in the record books. I owe a lot to the support and guidance of our captain, Heather Knight, as well as Nat Sciver-Brunt. They have known me for a long time and understand when I need motivation to keep going.”

Reflecting on her incredible achievement, Beaumont shared her disbelief, saying, “To be honest, I can’t quite believe it. I scored a double hundred in the A game last week, and I thought it would be impossible to repeat it so soon. I remained composed for around 300 balls, but if you’re going to score a double hundred, you might as well give it your all. The girls will probably tell you that I didn’t say a word during tea; I was just completely focused.”

Beaumont’s record-breaking innings set several new records. She achieved England women’s highest individual score, surpassing Betty Snowball’s 189 from 1935. Her score of 208 also ranks as the fifth-highest in Test cricket history, with Kiran Baluch’s 242 against the West Indies in 2004 holding the top position. Although Beaumont fell just five runs short of Ellyse Perry’s Ashes record of 213* in 2017, her innings stands as the highest-ever score against Australia and the first double century against the perennial world number ones. Additionally, she hit 26 fours, the most in an England Test innings. Beaumont also joined an elite group of England players, becoming only the fourth to score centuries in all three formats, alongside Heather Knight, Jos Buttler, and Dawid Malan.

Previously facing uncertainties about her place in the team, Beaumont was dropped from England’s T20 side after the 2022 Ashes and missed out on last summer’s Commonwealth Games and this year’s T20 World Cup. However, the new aggressive and attack-minded approach under coach Jon Lewis has allowed Beaumont to showcase her skills as a touch player.

Georgia Elwiss, an England all-rounder, shared insights into Beaumont’s journey, saying, “I spoke to Tammy before the series, and she was uncertain about her position in the team. She finds herself in a challenging phase right now. England is aiming for an aggressive style of play, which doesn’t come naturally to Tammy. She’s more of a timing player, but she possesses all the shots. She has worked hard on her game and gained more confidence. Sometimes, uncertainty brings out the best in you, igniting your drive and determination, and that’s evident in her preparations for this Ashes series.”

Beaumont’s competitive nature and love for cricket make her a formidable opponent, according to her teammate Elwiss. Elwiss remarked, “She can be quite annoying to play against. She often fields at short leg and never stops talking! We’ve faced each other in internal games, and she definitely gets inside your head. Tammy is fiercely competitive, always eager to be batting. If there’s a spare slot in the nets, she’ll be the first to grab it. She’s an absolute cricket enthusiast and has the mindset of ‘If someone can do it, so can I,’ which is fantastic to have.”

The historic innings by Beaumont also brought immense pride to her family. Her parents and partner, Callum, expressed their joy in interviews. Julie, her mother, said, “We are extremely proud of her innings. It’s simply fantastic, surpassing all the dreams of a six-year-old who wanted to play with her brother in the boys’ team.” Kevin, her father, admitted being a nervous watcher, while Callum added, “When you witness the effort she puts into her game every day, it’s incredibly satisfying to see her achieve her dreams. She always aspired to score centuries in Test matches, and it’s truly wonderful to witness it.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about double century

What record did Tammy Beaumont set in the Ashes 2023?

Tammy Beaumont set multiple records in the Ashes 2023. She achieved England women’s highest-ever individual score with 208 runs, surpassing the previous record of 189. Her innings also became the fifth-highest Test score of all time. Additionally, she recorded the highest score ever against Australia and became the first player to score a double century against them.

Was Tammy Beaumont aware of the milestone during her innings?

No, Tammy Beaumont was not aware of the milestone while she was batting. She chose not to celebrate it immediately as the team still needed more runs. Her focus was on contributing to the team’s score rather than personal milestones.

Did Tammy Beaumont receive any support during her innings?

Yes, Tammy Beaumont acknowledged the support she received from her teammates. She mentioned the help she received from the team’s captain, Heather Knight, as well as Nat Sciver-Brunt. Their support and understanding of her game helped her during her record-breaking innings.

What is the significance of Tammy Beaumont’s double century?

Tammy Beaumont’s double century holds great significance as it is not only a personal milestone but also a historic achievement for England women’s cricket. It marks the first time an England player has scored a double century in a women’s Test match. It also came against Australia, the top-ranked team in the world, adding to its significance.

How did Tammy Beaumont feel about her record-breaking innings?

Tammy Beaumont expressed disbelief and joy about her record-breaking innings. She stated that she couldn’t quite believe it and felt it was a remarkable accomplishment. She also mentioned that she had scored a double hundred in a practice match just a week before, making her achievement even more unexpected.

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AshesCricketFan June 25, 2023 - 12:13 pm

tammy beaumont’s 208 is a massive score against australia. she’s an incredible player. congratulations to her on the remarkable achievement. go england!

CricketCrazyFan June 25, 2023 - 8:17 pm

omg tammy beaumont’s double century is mindblowing. she smashed the ball all over the ground. what a player! can’t wait to see her in action again. #BeaumontStorm

CricketFan27 June 25, 2023 - 9:20 pm

wow tammy beaumont scores 208 against australia. that’s so cool. she totally killed it in the ashes match. amazing achievement. #GoTammy!

SportsLover123 June 26, 2023 - 1:18 am

tammy beaumont made history with her record-breaking double century. england must be so proud of her. can’t wait to see her play in future matches. #Ashes2023


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