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Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy Contemplates Selling Stake in the Club

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Tottenham Hotspur’s chairman, Daniel Levy, has hinted that he might be willing to part with his stake in the club if it serves the best interests of the team. With a tenure dating back to 2001, Levy’s family currently holds a 29.88% stake in Spurs, who are predominantly owned by ENIC, controlling a hefty 86.58% of the club. This revelation comes in the wake of some tumultuous times for Tottenham, as fans vocally expressed their discontent with the club’s leadership last season.

Levy, speaking to Bloomberg, shared his perspective on the matter: “I’ve got no real interest to leave Tottenham, but I have a duty to consider anything that anyone may want to propose. It’s not about me; it’s about what’s right for the club. We have 30,000 shareholders who own approximately 13.5 per cent. We run this club as if it is a public company.”

While the team’s fortunes on the pitch seem to have improved this season under the guidance of manager Ange Postecoglou, off-field issues have continued to cast a shadow over Levy and the board. A recent point of contention among fans has been the decision to increase matchday ticket prices for the 2023-24 season, leading to protests before a recent match against Manchester United.

Adding to the club’s off-field drama, former owner Joe Lewis, who relinquished control to his family trust in October, found himself embroiled in legal troubles in the United States, facing insider trading charges. Despite these challenges, Spurs have started the season strongly, remaining unbeaten after five games and currently occupying a commendable second place in the Premier League.

Levy has acknowledged past errors in managerial appointments, admitting that the club made missteps in seeking “trophy managers” like Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte. However, he also noted that various parties have expressed interest in the club, particularly since the opening of the impressive 62,850-seater stadium in 2019.

Levy concluded by saying, “If anyone wants to make serious propositions to the board of Tottenham, we will consider it along with our advisors. And if we felt it was in the interests of the club, we would be open to anything.” This statement leaves the door ajar for potential changes in the future, as Tottenham continues to navigate both on and off the field.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Club Ownership

Q: Why is Daniel Levy considering selling his stake in Tottenham?

A: Daniel Levy is contemplating selling his stake in Tottenham because he believes it might be in the best interests of the club. He acknowledges that he has a duty to consider any proposals that could benefit the team, even though he personally has no strong desire to leave the club.

Q: What percentage of Tottenham does Daniel Levy and his family currently own?

A: Daniel Levy and his family own a 29.88% stake in Tottenham Hotspur, making them significant shareholders in the club. However, the majority of the club, about 86.58%, is owned by ENIC.

Q: What recent issues have caused discontent among Tottenham fans?

A: Tottenham fans have expressed their discontent due to various issues, including protests against increased matchday ticket prices for the 2023-24 season and concerns about the club’s leadership.

Q: Who is Joe Lewis, and why has he been in the news regarding Tottenham?

A: Joe Lewis was the owner of Tottenham Hotspur until October when control was transferred to his family trust. He made headlines in the United States for facing insider trading charges, though he pleaded not guilty.

Q: What is the current performance of Tottenham on the football pitch?

A: Tottenham has had a strong start to the season, remaining unbeaten after five games, with four wins and one draw. The team currently holds the second position in the Premier League.

Q: What managerial mistakes did Daniel Levy acknowledge?

A: Daniel Levy admitted to making mistakes in appointing “trophy managers” like Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte in the past, indicating that he’s learned from those experiences.

Q: What does Daniel Levy mean by “open to anything” regarding potential propositions for the club?

A: Daniel Levy is indicating that he and the board are willing to consider serious proposals from interested parties that could benefit the club’s future. This suggests a willingness to explore various options, including potential changes in ownership or leadership.

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