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Women’s World Cup 2023: Spain’s Alexia Putellas Confesses a Loss of Idealism

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Women's soccer challenges

Alexia Putellas, the Spanish World Cup victor, has expressed concern to FIFA regarding ongoing conflicts related to women’s soccer.

The recipient of the Ballon d’Or for both 2021 and 2022 spoke about how worldwide issues are draining the vitality of female players.

Despite a contentious situation with coach Jorge Vilda and challenges with various countries, including unpaid compensation from national associations, Spain triumphed in the World Cup.

Putellas expressed frustration, saying, “It bothers me that it’s not an isolated issue with just one country. It’s becoming a pattern, and FIFA must pay attention,” she emphasized.

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Gender inequality in World Cup prize money was criticized by Australia’s team in July.

Furthermore, countries like Jamaica, Nigeria, and South Africa, all of whom performed admirably in the Women’s World Cup, are wrestling with financial constraints. Jamaica’s squad had to pursue independent financing, and players from Nigeria and South Africa have expressed dissatisfaction over non-payment by their respective national organizations.

Reflecting on her personal journey, Putellas told the Spanish newspaper Marca, “This year has been a learning experience for me.” After battling back from a significant knee injury to assist Spain in securing their first-ever World Cup victory, she noted how various countries are engulfed in disputes.

She lamented the fact that these conflicts detract from a player’s ability to concentrate on training, self-care, proper preparation, and giving their all on the field. “All the energy spent on bickering, voicing opinions, and strategic planning… we’re players!” she exclaimed.

Putellas concluded by admitting that these experiences have caused her to lose some of her idealistic views, although she maintains her passion on the field.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Women’s soccer challenges

What is Alexia Putellas’ opinion about the state of women’s soccer?

Alexia Putellas, the Spain World Cup winner, believes that issues in women’s soccer are draining players’ energy and that FIFA needs to take note of the disputes surrounding the game.

What concerns has Alexia Putellas raised about women’s soccer?

Putellas has raised concerns about various issues in women’s soccer, including controversies around coaches, lack of payment from national associations, and gender inequality in prize money.

How does Alexia Putellas view FIFA’s role in these matters?

She criticizes FIFA for not addressing the repetitive issues and disputes affecting women’s soccer, emphasizing the need for the organization to pay attention and take action.

What impact has the year had on Alexia Putellas?

Putellas describes the year as an educational experience, particularly due to the disputes in women’s soccer. She mentions that dealing with these conflicts has led to a loss of some of her idealism.

What are some specific examples of issues faced by other countries in women’s soccer?

Jamaica, Nigeria, and South Africa have all encountered financial battles off the field, with Jamaica’s team seeking independent funding and players from Nigeria and South Africa expressing dissatisfaction over lack of payment from their national associations.

How does Alexia Putellas feel about the impact of these disputes on players?

Putellas believes that disputes detract from players’ ability to focus on their training, self-care, preparation, and performance on the field. She emphasizes that players’ energy is wasted on arguing and strategic planning.

Has Alexia Putellas’ attitude toward playing soccer been affected by these experiences?

While she admits to losing some of her idealism due to these challenges, Putellas remains passionate about playing soccer and giving her best on the field.

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