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Anthony Joshua v Robert Helenius: Briton wins with one-punch knockout in round seven

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Anthony Joshua secured his first knockout victory since 2020 in a remarkable fashion. The heavyweight boxer, Anthony Joshua, delivered a one-punch knockout to Robert Helenius during the seventh round of their match at London’s O2 Arena. Despite a hesitant start in the first half of the fight, Joshua stunned the audience by landing a powerful right punch to Helenius’ jaw, abruptly ending the fight.

During the earlier rounds, Joshua struggled to make a significant impact, and his performance garnered jeers from the crowd. However, everything changed when he delivered a massive right punch that spelled the end for Helenius.

This victory, which marked Joshua’s first stoppage win in two and a half years, paves the way for an eagerly anticipated showdown with American boxer Deontay Wilder scheduled for January.

In his post-fight interview with BBC Radio 5 live, Joshua commented on the unpredictable nature of the sport, emphasizing the need to stay grounded and focus on the task at hand. He expressed his satisfaction with his performance, stating, “I’ve done my job tonight.”

Addressing the potential fight with Wilder, Joshua humorously quipped about his physical state while expressing his commitment to elevate the heavyweight division.

After the knockout, a visibly emotional Joshua celebrated with fans and even shared a drink with Irish mixed martial arts star Conor McGregor. Although Helenius required oxygen after the forceful knockout, he managed to leave the ring on his own accord after congratulating Joshua.

With this victory, Joshua’s record now stands at 26 wins, including 23 stoppages, and three defeats. Despite a cautious start, Joshua’s powerful knockout punch showcased his vintage fighting style and reinvigorated his confidence. The win also serves as a reminder to other heavyweight contenders that Joshua remains a force to be reckoned with.

Helenius, who accepted the fight on short notice due to Dillian Whyte’s absence, suffered his fifth professional loss out of 36 matches.

The fight began cautiously, with both boxers struggling to establish dominance. Joshua’s strategy seemed to be setting traps for his opponent, though he primarily focused on single shots rather than imposing a sustained attack.

As the fight progressed, fans grew restless and expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of action. Joshua’s performance also deviated from his reputation as a heavy hitter, as he hadn’t scored a first-half knockout since 2016.

Despite these challenges, Joshua remained determined and stuck to his plan. His perseverance paid off when he executed a double feint followed by a powerful right punch that sent Helenius to the canvas. The referee swiftly intervened, ending the contest.

The victory has fueled anticipation for a potential bout between Joshua and Wilder, with representatives from Saudi Arabia present to explore the possibility of a mega-fight in the Middle East. Eddie Hearn, the promoter, expressed optimism about the matchup and its potential to propel the winner back into the world-title picture.

While Joshua’s knockout win was a spectacular moment, there are lingering doubts about his approach against a formidable opponent like Wilder. Former world champion David Haye emphasized that Joshua cannot rely solely on jabs and must adopt a more aggressive strategy to overcome Wilder’s ferocity.

In conclusion, Anthony Joshua’s recent knockout victory over Robert Helenius marks a significant milestone in his career, ending a knockout drought and setting the stage for an eagerly awaited clash with Deontay Wilder. Despite the impressive finish, challenges lie ahead, and the boxing world eagerly awaits the outcome of the upcoming heavyweight showdown.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Knockout

Who won the Anthony Joshua vs. Robert Helenius match?

Anthony Joshua emerged victorious by delivering a one-punch knockout to Robert Helenius in the seventh round.

Was this Anthony Joshua’s first knockout victory since 2020?

Yes, this knockout win marked Anthony Joshua’s first since the year 2020.

How did the fight unfold in the early rounds?

The fight began cautiously, with Joshua boxing tentatively in the first half against Robert Helenius, who accepted the match on short notice.

What turned the fight around for Anthony Joshua?

In the seventh round, Joshua landed a massive right punch to Helenius’ jaw, resulting in a spectacular one-punch knockout that ended the fight.

What’s next for Anthony Joshua after this victory?

Anthony Joshua’s win sets up a highly anticipated fight against Deontay Wilder scheduled for January, creating excitement among boxing fans.

What were the crowd’s reactions to Joshua’s performance?

Despite Joshua’s cautious start, he faced jeers from the crowd. However, his knockout victory ultimately electrified the audience.

How did Joshua react to the potential fight with Wilder?

Joshua humorously joked about his condition and expressed his determination to elevate the heavyweight division, indicating his eagerness for the matchup.

What did Joshua and Conor McGregor do after the fight?

After the knockout, Joshua celebrated with fans and shared a beer with Irish MMA star Conor McGregor, adding to the post-fight excitement.

How did Robert Helenius respond to the knockout?

Following the heavy knockout, Helenius required oxygen but left the ring unassisted after congratulating Joshua on his victory.

How did this victory affect Anthony Joshua’s record?

With this victory, Anthony Joshua’s record stands at 26 wins, including 23 stoppages, and three defeats.

What challenges does Joshua face in a potential fight against Wilder?

Despite his knockout victory, doubts remain about Joshua’s approach against Wilder, with experts emphasizing the need for a more aggressive strategy.

Are negotiations underway for the Joshua-Wilder fight?

Representatives from Saudi Arabia attended the match, aiming to finalize negotiations for a mega-fight between Joshua and Wilder in the Middle East.

What does the future hold for the winner of the Joshua-Wilder match?

The winner of the Joshua-Wilder bout is expected to regain prominence in the world-title scene, while the loser would still secure a lucrative purse.

Has Joshua-Wilder been discussed before?

Yes, the Joshua-Wilder matchup has been previously discussed, but logistical issues prevented the fight from happening. The current offer for a Middle East showdown seems enticing.

How did the crowd react to Helenius’ late entry to the ring?

Despite Dillian Whyte’s absence, the arena was packed, showcasing Joshua’s draw. Fans eagerly awaited the main event and offered a full refund option.

How did Joshua’s entrance set the tone for the fight?

Joshua confidently entered the ring to a medley of music, displaying his determination. He kept his focus on Helenius, setting the stage for the match’s intensity.

What was Helenius’ fighting style in the early rounds?

Helenius initially swung a wild left and remained composed in the face of a hostile atmosphere. The fight’s first rounds were cagey, with neither fighter landing significant shots.

Did Joshua’s previous fights impact his strategy?

Joshua’s cautious strategy differed from his reputation as a heavy hitter, as he had not achieved a first-half knockout since 2016, making the victory all the more crucial.

How did Joshua execute the knockout punch?

Joshua’s knockout punch was executed through a double feint followed by a powerful right punch that sent Helenius to the canvas, leading to the referee stopping the contest.

What is Eddie Hearn’s perspective on the Joshua-Wilder fight?

Eddie Hearn expressed optimism about the Joshua-Wilder fight, believing that Joshua’s desire to face Wilder stems from his commitment to elevate British boxing.

How do experts view Joshua’s chances against Wilder?

Some experts advise Joshua to adopt a more aggressive approach against Wilder, emphasizing the need to avoid relying solely on jabs.

What’s the significance of the Joshua-Wilder fight for both boxers?

The Joshua-Wilder fight is expected to propel the winner back into the world-title contention, while the loser will still receive a substantial purse for their efforts.

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boxingfan87 August 13, 2023 - 1:54 pm

anthony joshua knockin out helenius, woah! that was like, bam, outta nowhere! wilder match gonna be epic!

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joshua’s fight start slow, but kaboom! that knockout, whoa! hope wilder deal locked, can’t wait!

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joshua’s KO drought ended big time! but, can he handle wilder’s power? gonna be fire in the ring!

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joshua’s knockout game back! helenius got floored, just like that. hope wilder fight really happens, gonna be crazy!

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helenius took last-minute challenge, respect! joshua’s punch changed everything, wilder bout is dream come true!


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