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Daniel Dubois Claims ‘Injustice’ in Loss to Oleksandr Usyk Over Alleged Low Blow

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Daniel Dubois insists he should be wearing the world champion title belt after his controversial defeat against Oleksandr Usyk.

The British heavyweight fighter, Daniel Dubois, is calling for “rectification” following his world championship loss to Oleksandr Usyk. In the boxing ring in Poland, Dubois, despite being considered a long-shot, managed to knock down Usyk in the fifth round. However, the hit was ruled a low blow, providing Usyk nearly four minutes to regroup.

A 36-year-old Ukrainian, Usyk ultimately triumphed with a ninth-round knockout. Yet, Dubois is adamant that “this grievous error must be set right.”

“The matter needs further scrutiny. It demands action,” the 25-year-old conveyed to Sport Newes Center’s Ade Adedoyin.

“I deserved that championship title. The outcome was simply unjust. The narrative that’s unfolding is a false one. They basically hoodwinked everyone,” Dubois continued.

Was Dubois Robbed of the Title? Revisiting the Controversial Usyk-Dubois Match

The bout occurred in Wroclaw, Poland, but it may as well have been a home game for Usyk, considering a significant portion of the 40,000-strong audience were either Ukrainian nationals or refugees now residing in Poland, due to Russia’s incursion into Ukraine.

Frank Warren, Dubois’ promoter, didn’t hold back in expressing his opinion, labeling it a “utterly biased home-field decision.” Usyk extended his undefeated professional streak to 21 matches and held onto his WBA ‘Super’, WBO, and IBF titles.

Warren has plans to appeal to the WBA for either an annulment of the match’s result or an immediate rematch.

“I’m insisting on a rematch. We need to right this wrong, whether it’s a rematch or some other form of rectification,” added Dubois.

Weeks of Training for ‘That’ Body Shot

Competing in his first-ever world championship, the London native specifically targeted Usyk’s midsection in the controversial fifth round. The shot seemed to hit squarely on the belt line, leaving Usyk grimacing on the mat.

Luis Pabon, the Puerto Rican referee, declared it a low blow. Usyk was given three minutes and 45 seconds to recover—though fighters are allotted up to five minutes for such incidents. Surprisingly, no points were deducted from Dubois for the supposed infraction.

“We’ve trained for that exact shot for countless weeks,” Dubois revealed. “We executed it, and that should’ve been our crowning moment. It should’ve been a KO.”

“It’s deeply frustrating. That wasn’t a low blow. I felt the punch land squarely on his midriff. When I connect, I know it. I thought he’d get a 10-count, and that’d be it. But the whole situation spiraled into chaos.”

Home Field Makes a Difference

After regaining composure, Usyk proceeded to floor Dubois in the eighth round. The match was then called off following another knockdown in the ninth round, resulting in Dubois’ second loss in his 21-fight professional career.

“The whole thing was bewildering. I tried telling the ref it was a clean shot,” Dubois reflected. “I lost my momentum after the ruling. Having to reset and push through was a tall order.”

“I was far from outclassed. Had the fight been in England, the scenario would have played out quite differently. Being on home turf does tip the scales,” he concluded.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Boxing

Why does Daniel Dubois believe he should be the world champion after his loss to Oleksandr Usyk?

Daniel Dubois contends that a crucial moment in the match was wrongly ruled as a low blow, granting Usyk time to recover. He believes this error affected the outcome.

How did the controversy surrounding the match arise?

During the fifth round, Dubois landed what he claims was a clean body shot. However, it was ruled a low blow, giving Usyk an extended recovery period and altering the course of the fight.

Why does Daniel Dubois want a rematch?

Dubois firmly believes that the erroneous ruling impacted the match’s outcome. He aims to correct this perceived injustice and secure a chance to prove himself against Usyk once again.

What impact did the venue have on the match?

Although the fight took place in Poland, a significant portion of the audience had Ukrainian ties due to Russia’s involvement in Ukraine. Dubois feels this influenced the referee’s decisions and the overall atmosphere.

How does Daniel Dubois describe the shot that caused controversy?

Dubois asserts that the shot he landed was well-executed and should have resulted in a knockout. He maintains that the punch was not a low blow as ruled by the referee.

What does Daniel Dubois think would have happened if the match was in England?

Dubois believes that if the fight had taken place on his home turf in England, the circumstances and decisions might have been different, potentially affecting the outcome of the match.

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