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Bill Kenwright Remains Everton Chairman as Owner Farhad Moshiri Joins Board

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Bill Kenwright, the long-serving chairman of Everton, will continue in his role after receiving the support of owner Farhad Moshiri, who has joined the board. Despite facing protests from fans and calls for his resignation, Kenwright’s experience and knowledge were deemed essential for the club during this transitional period.

Kenwright has been a member of the club’s board of directors for 34 years, with a remarkable tenure that began in 1989. Over time, he became the deputy chairman and eventually took over as chairman in 2004, following Sir Phillip Carter. Under Kenwright’s leadership, Everton achieved notable success, including a qualification for the Champions League qualifiers in 2005 under manager David Moyes.

The arrival of Farhad Moshiri, a British-Iranian businessman, as majority shareholder in 2018 resulted in a decrease in Kenwright’s stake to 1.3%. However, Moshiri expressed his desire for Kenwright to remain as chairman, acknowledging his invaluable contributions to the club. In a statement, Moshiri emphasized the importance of Kenwright’s involvement in the club’s reset, securing external investment, and positioning Everton for a prosperous future.

While some Everton fans have expressed discontent and launched protests against Kenwright, citing concerns about the club’s performance and accusations of financial impropriety, Moshiri’s decision to retain him reflects the belief in his ability to navigate the club through challenging times. The announcement of Moshiri’s inclusion on the board, along with the appointment of John Spellman, an experienced chartered accountant and Everton supporter, signals the club’s commitment to strengthening its leadership.

During the previous season, Kenwright and other board members did not attend home games due to reported safety threats, including alleged death threats and intimidating communications directed at Kenwright and Denise Barrett-Baxendale, the chief executive. The hostile atmosphere and ongoing protests by supporters demanding Kenwright’s departure indicate the challenges facing the club’s leadership.

Despite the recent board changes, Everton is still awaiting news on potential sanctions resulting from an alleged breach of financial fair play rules, with the club stating their readiness to vigorously defend their position before an independent commission appointed by the Premier League.

The decision to retain Kenwright as chairman, while it may be a temporary arrangement, has stirred further unrest among some Everton fans who had anticipated his departure. The ongoing discontent among supporters underscores the need for the club’s leadership to address concerns and find ways to regain trust and appease disgruntled fans.

In conclusion, the recent developments at Everton’s board of directors aim to navigate the club through a period of transition, secure external investment, and lay the groundwork for future success. However, the decision to retain Bill Kenwright as chairman has not alleviated the growing discontent among some fans, highlighting the challenges faced by the club’s leadership in restoring harmony and confidence within the supporter base.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Everton chairman

Q: Will Bill Kenwright continue as Everton chairman despite fan protests?

A: Yes, despite facing protests from fans, Bill Kenwright will remain as the chairman of Everton. Owner Farhad Moshiri has joined the board and has convinced Kenwright to stay and help the club during a period of transition.

Q: How long has Bill Kenwright been associated with Everton?

A: Bill Kenwright has been on Everton’s board of directors for 34 years. He first joined in 1989 and became chairman in 2004.

Q: Why did fans protest against Bill Kenwright?

A: Fans have protested against Bill Kenwright due to their dissatisfaction with the club’s performance and results in recent years. They have been calling for his resignation and a change in leadership.

Q: What role will Farhad Moshiri play in Everton?

A: Farhad Moshiri, the owner of Everton, has joined the club’s board of directors. He will be working alongside Bill Kenwright and is expected to provide external investment and support during the club’s transition phase.

Q: How did the departure of previous board members impact Everton?

A: The departure of chief executive Denise Barrett-Baxendale, chief finance and strategy officer Grant Ingles, and non-executive director Graeme Sharp created a void in the club’s leadership. This led to further changes and adjustments in the board structure.

Q: Are there any ongoing concerns or investigations involving Everton?

A: Yes, Everton is awaiting news regarding potential sanctions after being referred to an independent commission by the Premier League over an alleged breach of financial fair play rules. The club has expressed its readiness to defend its position.

Q: How have fans reacted to the announcement of Bill Kenwright staying as chairman?

A: Some fans have expressed discontent and disappointment with the decision to retain Bill Kenwright as chairman. They believe a change in leadership is necessary for the club’s progress and have continued their protests.

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evertonian1878 June 23, 2023 - 6:36 pm

Another disappointing decision, fans have been voicing their concerns for years and still no change, it’s frustrating. Moshiri needs to address the issues and listen to the supporters.

blues4life June 23, 2023 - 11:39 pm

its about time they listen to the fans, Kenwright needs to go, protests will keep going, Everton deserves better leadership!

toffeesupporter7 June 24, 2023 - 12:29 am

I’m worried this decision will only make things worse, fans are angry and want change, Moshiri joining the board might not be enough, Kenwright should step aside.

footballfan89 June 24, 2023 - 1:34 am

wow so glad Kenwright is staying, he knows the club and has loads of exprience, good move by Moshiri too, they should invest more in the team!

soccerlover22 June 24, 2023 - 7:39 am

Kenwright has been with Everton for so long, maybe he can bring stability in this “transishon” period, hoping for better results and investment in the team! COYB!


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