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British Athlete Dan Pembroke Seizes Javelin Gold with New European Record at Para Athletics World Championships

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Para Athletics World Championships

Dan Pembroke, who first represented Great Britain at the 2022 Europeans in Poland, has scored an early birthday victory by securing the world javelin title at the 2023 Para Athletics World Championships, held at Charlety Stadium in Paris from July 8 to 17. The championship events are covered in daily reports by Sport News Center.

Turning 32 this Sunday, Pembroke demonstrated his unique skills by achieving an F13 European record with a 70.50m throw. The silver and bronze medals were clinched by Iran’s Ali Pirouj, who threw 63.70m, and Cuba’s Ulicer Aguilera Cruz, with a 59.79m throw, respectively.

Relishing his victory at the age of 31, Pembroke shared his excitement with Sport News Center. The competition was also significant for Great Britain, as it marked their seventh gold medal, thanks to the combined efforts of co-captains Sammi Kinghorn and Dan Greaves, who earned silver and bronze respectively.

Wheelchair racer Kinghorn added another silver medal to her achievements in the 400m race, following her T53 100m gold on Friday. Greaves, a seasoned competitor whose first World Championships appearance was in 2002, secured bronze in the F44 discus.

Before his career as a Para athlete, Pembroke aspired to qualify for the London 2012 Olympics. However, an elbow injury combined with his struggle against retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative eye condition that causes progressive sight loss, led him to take a break from athletics. He travelled for a while before returning in 2019, when he was classified as a Para athlete and resumed his sporting career.

Pembroke expressed his satisfaction at achieving an impressive early throw in the competition and his intent to challenge the 71.01m world record currently held by Uzbekistan’s Aleksandr Svechnikov. Despite the long duration of the competition, he felt the experience boosted his confidence for the upcoming year.

Kinghorn found herself in another thrilling competition with Switzerland’s Catherine Debrunner, who emerged victorious with her fourth gold of the meeting. Despite the fierce competition and limited rest, Kinghorn, a 27-year-old Scot, expressed satisfaction with her performance and optimism for the future.

Meanwhile, Greaves celebrated his first World Championship medal since his 2013 silver win in Lille, throwing a commendable 57.92m. Despite finishing behind Americans David Blair (60.36m) and Jeremy Campbell (60.33m), Greaves expressed pride in representing Great Britain at 40 years old and gratitude towards those who supported him.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Para Athletics World Championships

When and where were the Para Athletics World Championships held?

The Para Athletics World Championships were held in Paris at Charlety Stadium from July 8 to 17.

Who won the gold medal in the javelin event?

Dan Pembroke of Great Britain won the gold medal in the javelin event.

What record did Dan Pembroke set during the competition?

Dan Pembroke set an F13 European record with a throw of 70.50m in the javelin event.

Which other athletes won medals for Great Britain?

Sammi Kinghorn and Dan Greaves won silver and bronze medals respectively for Great Britain.

What were the achievements of Sammi Kinghorn at the Para Athletics World Championships?

Sammi Kinghorn won a gold medal in the T53 100m event and a silver medal in the 400m event.

How did Dan Greaves perform at the Para Athletics World Championships?

Dan Greaves won a bronze medal in the F44 discus event.

What is Dan Pembroke’s next target?

Dan Pembroke aims to break the 71.01m world record held by Aleksandr Svechnikov of Uzbekistan.

How did Dan Pembroke’s journey in athletics unfold?

Dan Pembroke initially aimed to qualify for the London 2012 Olympics but faced an elbow injury. He took a break from the sport, traveled, and returned in 2019 as a Para athlete.

What is the condition Dan Pembroke has been dealing with?

Dan Pembroke has been managing the degenerative eye condition retinitis pigmentosa, which causes gradual sight loss.

How did the other athletes express their feelings about their performances?

Sammi Kinghorn expressed satisfaction with her multiple medal wins and optimism for the future, while Dan Greaves felt pride in representing Great Britain and gratitude towards his supporters.

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