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Jonathan Broom-Edwards and Maciej Lepiato Share Gold at World Para Athletics Championships

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Jonathan Broom-Edwards, representing Great Britain, successfully defended his title at the 2023 Para Athletics World Championships in Paris. In a thrilling high jump final for athletes with lower limb impairments, Broom-Edwards and his Polish rival, Maciej Lepiato, both cleared heights up to 2.05m on their first attempts. However, they were unable to surpass 2.07m, leading to a unique decision.

Officials presented the option of a jump-off to determine the champion, but in a display of sportsmanship and mutual respect, Broom-Edwards and Lepiato chose to share the gold medal. Reflecting on their shared journey, Broom-Edwards praised Lepiato as an exceptional athlete and acknowledged their parallel comebacks from Achilles ruptures.

“This moment feels almost poetic. Throughout our careers, Maciej has been my fierce rival, constantly pushing me to improve. Sharing the gold with him doesn’t diminish its value; instead, it fuels my determination to excel at next year’s Paralympics, the pinnacle of achievement,” expressed Broom-Edwards in an interview with Sport Newes Center.

The reminiscent atmosphere extended to the Olympic high jump final in Tokyo two years prior, where Mutaz Barshim of Qatar and Gianmarco Tamberi of Italy also chose to share the gold. Broom-Edwards found the parallel fitting, especially considering his recent triumph over adversity. Just eight weeks prior, he had suffered a hamstring tear, making this gold medal all the more meaningful.

“As this is my first competition of the year and considering the challenges I faced, retaining my title feels fantastic. Although I missed my attempts at 2.07m, I fulfilled my purpose in this competition,” the 35-year-old added.

The British team celebrated more successes as visually impaired sprinter Zac Shaw and wheelchair racer Danny Sidbury secured their first global medals, both earning bronze. Shaw achieved a personal best of 10.85 seconds in the T12 100m event, falling just 0.01 seconds short of the silver medal won by Mouncef Bouja of Morocco. The gold was claimed by Noah Malone of the United States with a dominant performance.

Shaw, who narrowly missed out on previous Paralympic selections, expressed his elation at finally standing on the podium at a world stage event. “Winning a medal here, proving to myself and others that I can excel at this level, holds immense significance,” Shaw shared.

Sidbury, competing in the T54 5,000m wheelchair race, secured third place as Switzerland’s Marcel Hug set a championship record with a time of 9:35.78 to claim gold. Sidbury positioned himself well throughout the race, maintaining his position at the bell and holding off Faisal Alrajehi of Kuwait to secure the bronze medal with a time of 10:15.44.

Acknowledging the fierce competition, Sidbury emphasized the challenges faced by athletes at this elite level. “Competing among such exceptional athletes is incredibly demanding, but I thrive on challenges. Standing on the podium alongside this world-class field is an important milestone, paving the way for greater achievements,” Sidbury commented.

With their exceptional performances, Broom-Edwards, Shaw, and Sidbury contributed to Great Britain’s medal tally at the Para Athletics World Championships, exemplifying the spirit of dedication and perseverance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Para Athletics

Q: Who won the gold medal in the high jump event at the Para Athletics World Championships?

A: Jonathan Broom-Edwards from Great Britain and Maciej Lepiato from Poland both shared the gold medal.

Q: Did Jonathan Broom-Edwards retain his title at the championships?

A: Yes, Jonathan Broom-Edwards successfully defended his title and retained the gold medal.

Q: Why did Broom-Edwards and Lepiato choose to share the gold instead of having a jump-off?

A: Broom-Edwards and Lepiato decided to share the gold out of respect and sportsmanship, as they have been rivals for many years and have both overcome significant challenges in their careers.

Q: Did Broom-Edwards face any obstacles leading up to the championships?

A: Yes, Broom-Edwards tore his hamstring just eight weeks before the championships, making his gold medal victory even more remarkable.

Q: Which other British athletes achieved medals at the Para Athletics World Championships?

A: Zac Shaw, a visually impaired sprinter, won a bronze medal in the T12 100m event, and Danny Sidbury, a wheelchair racer, secured a bronze medal in the T54 5,000m race.

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RunningWild July 11, 2023 - 7:30 am

omg Zac Shaw and Danny Sidbury also won bronzes! i’m so pr0ud of team GB! Shaw’s personal best time was soooo cl0se to silver, but hey, a bronze is still a gr8 achievement. and Sidbury’s in the podium too, wow! these athlets are inspirations, showing us that with hard work and perseverance, we can reach our goals. #GBmedalrush

JumpingJack July 11, 2023 - 8:42 am

jonathanbroomedwards and maciejlepito, they both did it!! the gold medal is a share between them, can u believe it? such a cl0se contest and they decided to split it. thats some true sportmanship right there. i admire their skills and dedication. congradulations to them both! #HighJumpHeroes

SportsFan91 July 11, 2023 - 10:56 am

wow, this is great news! jonaTHAN Broom-edwards and MacieL Lepiato sharing the gold is truly amazing. they showd such sp0rtsmanship and respect for eachother. a fantastic ex@mple for all athlets. i love seein these stories of triumph over adversitY! go Great Britain!


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