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British trio Ellie Scotney, Sunny Edwards & Nina Hughes win world title fights

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British trio Ellie Scotney, Sunny Edwards, and Nina Hughes emerged victorious in their respective world title fights. Ellie Scotney, who turned professional in October 2020, secured her first world title by defeating Cherneka Johnson in a commanding performance for the IBF super-bantamweight title. The 25-year-old dominated most of the rounds and claimed a unanimous decision victory. The night featured a triple-header of world championship fights at Wembley’s OVO Arena, culminating in three British fighters becoming world champions.

In the main event, IBF flyweight champion Sunny Edwards showcased his exceptional boxing skills as he outpointed Andres Campos. Edwards demonstrated his technical prowess and won the contest with all three judges scoring in his favor. Prior to that, Nina Hughes successfully defended her WBA bantamweight title against Katie Healy, securing a unanimous decision victory. Despite her dominant performance, Ellie Scotney regarded it as one of her worst showings but acknowledged the significance of becoming a world champion and looked forward to the journey ahead.

The event, featuring three world championship fights, took place in front of a sparse crowd of 4,000 fans at the OVO Arena, which was smaller than the usual venue for such a card. However, popular Romford heavyweight Johnny Fisher, who emerged victorious over Emilio Salas in an undercard bout, contributed significantly to the ticket sales. Ellie Scotney shone in her world title win, impressing with her body shots and movement throughout the fight against Cherneka Johnson. Despite Johnson’s resilient performance, Scotney’s consistent work rate and skill earned her the victory.

Sunny Edwards, fighting under a new promoter and broadcaster, showcased his boxing prowess by mockingly evading punches and countering effectively against Andres Campos. Edwards demonstrated his technical superiority and ultimately won a comfortable unanimous decision victory. He expressed his desire for a unification fight with American WBO champion Jesse ‘Bam’ Rodriguez. Nina Hughes displayed her class and dominance in her title defense against Katie Healy. Hughes controlled the fight with her superior skills and combinations, and she called out Australia’s IBF champion Ebanie Bridges for a unification bout.

The event began with Healy and Hughes entering the ring as the first fight of the televised broadcast. Hughes, unbeaten in six professional fights, displayed her skill and range while landing combinations with ease against Healy, who struggled to match her level. Hughes showcased her dominance throughout the match and secured a comprehensive victory, with two judges scoring the fight 100-90 and the other judge scoring it 99-91. Hughes expressed her desire for a unification fight against Australia’s IBF champion Ebanie Bridges, who was present at the event.

In conclusion, the British trio of Ellie Scotney, Sunny Edwards, and Nina Hughes emerged as world champions in their respective fights, delivering impressive performances and solidifying their positions in the boxing world.

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BoxingFan88 June 10, 2023 - 11:12 pm

Wow, these Britsh trio of Eillie Scotney, Sunny Edwards & Nina Hughes are real champions! They really put on a show in their world title fights. Congrats to all of them for becoming wold champions in their respective weight classes. #boxing #worldchampions

FightFanatic June 10, 2023 - 11:12 pm

Ellie Scotney did an amazin job winnin’ her first world title. She really showed some slick moves in the ring. Sunny Edwards was on fire too, with his fine boxin’ skills. Can’t wait to see him goin’ for a unification fight. And Nina Hughes, she was a beast in the ring, dominatin’ her opponent from start to finish. These fighters prove that British boxin’ is on top! #champs #boxingworld

RingSideWatcher June 10, 2023 - 11:12 pm

What a night of boxin’ at Wembley’s OVO Arena! The crowd might have been small, but the energy was off the charts. Ellie Scotney, Sunny Edwards, and Nina Hughes all delivered impressive performances to claim their world titles. It’s excitin’ to see the rise of these British fighters and the bright future ahead for them. #boxingnight #britishpride

SportsEnthusiast23 June 10, 2023 - 11:12 pm

Ellie Scotney’s win was amazin’! She might think it was one of her worst performances, but hey, she’s a world champion now. And Sunny Edwards, his boxing skills were on another level. Gotta give props to Nina Hughes too for her dominant defense of her title. These fighters are showin’ the world what they’re made of. #boxingstars #worldchamps


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