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Chelsea’s Difficult 24 Hours After Sacking Graham Potter – Bruno Saltor

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Chelsea’s Bruno Saltor said it has been a hard 24 hours for everyone involved after the dismissal of Graham Potter. He and Reid were part of Potter’s coaching staff at Brighton, transferring to Chelsea with him in September.

“It’s been tough,” said Bruno. “Having to do press conferences, talking to the players: it feels difficult emotionally.”

It’s tough for me to think about my relationships with Graham and Billy, and how it’s affecting everybody. Today is a sad day for the staff because we all cared about them a lot- they were both very good coaches and people. I need to try my best to do what I’m supposed to do, help out our players, so that’s what I’m trying to stay focused on and taking things one day at a time. The task of finding Chelsea’s next manager is now in front of us – names such as Nagelsmann, Pochettino, Zidane are being considered.

Chelsea released a statement saying that Potter has signed with them to help make the switch go smoothly. When asked what this actually meant, Bruno (who used to play for Brighton) said: “It means that I’m here now and doing my best to keep things running smoothly. Graham did an excellent job overseeing the team’s football business, and we have to continue his efforts.”

Recently, the coaches of two Premier League teams suddenly left their teams: Brendan Rodgers and Graham Potter. Graham Potter’s team, Chelsea, had just lost a game against Aston Villa and were placed 11th in the league table. There are only 10 games remaining and they are 12 points away from getting into the top spot. Bruno, who is involved with the club has spoken to both Potter and the owners of the team – they were very supportive despite what happened.

“We have to stay positive and be prepared for the next match,” said a past Valencia player. “This is a great chance for the players on our team, as we represent Chelsea which has an amazing history. It’s all about winning and being at the top!”.

“It’s a hard thing to do. I have only coached for four years, but I’ve been around football for 24 years. I’m familiar with how it works in the locker rooms so I’ll try and help and guide the players because I know what they’re going through.”

Roberto de Zerbi Opines

Brighton’s manager Roberto de Zerbi, who replaced Potter in September, has said that the Chelsea players should take some responsibility for not getting good results. He doesn’t like it when people immediately think coaches are responsible and refuse to see how players can be as well.

De Zerbi said he was sorry for what happened to Chelsea because it is a sad situation.

I really believe in myself, and I’m so lucky to be with these players that have such a great attitude. I want to thank Graham Potter for helping me find this amazing team.

Finding a Replacement for Potter

Augustus: Potter was supposed to be in charge of the team, but his first season didn’t go as well as Mikel Arteta’s and he didn’t win anything. So, we should go with Julian Nagelsmann instead since he’s young and might be able to stick around for a while.

Mark: It was a bad idea for Potter to work at Chelsea because he was not experienced enough. The big salary probably played a part too. Now that Chelsea has terminated his contract, the team may have a hard time finding someone else who will take on the risky job. Who would want to put their career in danger by taking this position?

Sean: As a huge fan of the blues, I wanted it to work out. Potter is a great English coach but Chelsea have fired experienced coaches who weren’t doing as bad for less. They should’ve kept Thomas Tuchel. Someone with experience has to come and help turn things around.

Chris said that the job was really hard. But he believes that in the long run, Graham Potter will look at this firing as a good thing. Because he is a great manager who knows how to recognize each players’ skills and bring everyone together to form a team. So he’ll be back in successful management soon!

David said he really wanted Potter to stay and do well, but it was not working out. So, Potter had to go away. To replace Potter someone like Zinedine Zidane would be great although it probably won’t happen. David would settle for Luis Enrique or Nagelsmann. We got lots of exciting news about Chelsea now – so don’t miss any of their moments ever! You can check with us for everything you need to know about Chelsea and get the best content immediately.

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