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Clash of Titans: Joe Root & Steve Smith Ready for an Epic Ashes Battle in 2023

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Joe Root and Steve Smith, two of the finest Test batters of their generation, are preparing to face each other once again in the highly anticipated Ashes series.

As the batsman with the most Test runs among active players, Joe Root enters the series in exceptional form, displaying remarkable skill and consistency for England.

On the other side, Steve Smith, widely regarded as the supreme century-maker of his era, has regained his top form and is determined to make his mark in the Ashes.

The question arises: who will be remembered as the greater Test batter? And if you had to choose one for the crucial number four batting position, who would you go for?

Smith sets his sights on a monumental victory in England, considering it a significant achievement in his career. When it comes to the Ashes, Smith’s record speaks for itself. Only the legendary Don Bradman (19) and England’s Jack Hobbs (12) have more Ashes centuries than Smith’s impressive tally of 11.

With 3,044 runs in Ashes matches, Smith ranks fifth on the all-time list, trailing Hobbs by a mere 592 runs. He has a good chance of becoming the most prolific Ashes run-scorer since Bradman (5,028) and might even achieve this milestone during the upcoming series.

In contrast, Root’s average against Australia stands at 38.76, compared to an impressive 53.82 against all other teams. All three of Root’s Ashes centuries have been scored on home soil, and he hasn’t managed to score one since 2015.

Smith’s Ashes average in England (65.08) surpasses his average in Australia (54.50), and his exceptional performance in the 2019 series—scoring 774 runs at an average of 110.57, despite missing a Test due to a concussion—will be remembered as one of the greatest displays by a batter in Ashes history.

Acknowledging Smith’s remarkable achievement in the 2019 Ashes, Root praised his rival’s resilience, character, and evident passion for the contest, especially considering the scrutiny he faced following his involvement in the 2018 ball-tampering scandal.

When it comes to selecting a player for the Ashes, many would argue that Smith is the clear choice. His statistics and impact on the series make a compelling case. Only time will tell if Root can overcome the challenge and cement his own legacy in the Ashes rivalry.

Root, at the age of 32, is on track to accumulate significantly more Test runs and centuries than Smith, who, due to his ban, has been restricted in terms of overall figures. Root’s current tally of 11,004 runs leaves him with a realistic chance of surpassing Sachin Tendulkar’s world record of 15,921 runs, provided he maintains his health, hunger, and prolific form.

While some may argue that England plays more Tests than other teams, Root’s ability to remain fit, focused, and consistently perform despite a demanding schedule deserves recognition.

Smith, in his interview with Sport Newes Center, acknowledged Root’s impact on English cricket and the global stage over the past decade. Root has set the standard for excellence in the game.

Smith boasts the sixth-highest Test batting average of all time (60.04), converting 45.6% of his fifties into centuries and scoring a hundred in 18.1% of his innings. Meanwhile, Root maintains an average of 50.24, a conversion rate of 33.3%, and has achieved a century in 12.2% of his innings.

Although statistics play a vital role, personal preference also influences the choice. Root’s elegant style and graceful shots, complemented by his recent aggression under the captaincy of Ben Stokes, have captured the imagination of fans. Smith, with his idiosyncratic rituals and precise leaves, may not appeal to everyone, but his exceptional touch and impeccable timing make him a batter who seems invincible at his best.

As the stage is set for another gripping Ashes showdown, it remains to be seen if this series will witness a defining battle between the two greats, with both players having faced each other in six previous Ashes contests. Only in the 2015 series were they both their team’s top run-scorers, although Root claimed the player of the series award in England’s victorious 3-2 campaign.

This summer holds the promise of an enthralling contest between Root and Smith. Root’s recent stellar performances have boosted his confidence, and with the burden of captaincy lifted, he has flourished under the leadership of Stokes and coach Brendon McCullum.

After a relatively subdued period, Smith’s menacing form returned in the World Test Championship final victory over India, where he scored his 31st Test century—more than any other active batter. This Ashes series could be Smith’s last opportunity to conquer England, having previously experienced two defeats and a draw.

So, who would you choose? The battle between Joe Root and Steve Smith is set to captivate cricket fans worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ashes showdown

Who are Joe Root and Steve Smith?

Joe Root and Steve Smith are professional cricketers regarded as two of the best Test batters of their generation. Joe Root represents England, while Steve Smith represents Australia.

What is the Ashes series?

The Ashes is a prestigious Test cricket series played between England and Australia. It is one of the oldest and most fiercely contested rivalries in international cricket, dating back to 1882.

How many centuries has Steve Smith scored in the Ashes?

Steve Smith has scored 11 centuries in Ashes matches, placing him among the top century-makers in the history of the series.

How does Joe Root’s performance compare to Steve Smith’s in the Ashes?

Joe Root has a lower average against Australia in the Ashes compared to his overall average. He has scored three centuries in Ashes matches, all of which were scored at home and none since 2015.

Who has the better Test batting average?

Steve Smith currently holds a higher Test batting average than Joe Root. Smith’s average is 60.04, while Root’s average stands at 50.24.

Can Joe Root surpass Sachin Tendulkar’s world record for Test runs?

With his current form and run-scoring ability, Joe Root has a realistic chance of surpassing Sachin Tendulkar’s world record for Test runs, provided he maintains his performance and remains healthy in the long run.

What is the significance of the Ashes rivalry?

The Ashes series holds great historical and cultural importance in the world of cricket. It symbolizes the intense competition and rivalry between England and Australia, captivating cricket fans around the globe.

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