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Women’s World Cup: Ella Toone praised by England team-mate Keira Walsh

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England’s midfielder Keira Walsh has praised Ella Toone for her significant contribution to the Lionesses’ journey to the Women’s World Cup final. Toone, 23, showcased her skills by scoring a goal in England’s 3-1 victory against Australia in the semi-finals, setting up a showdown with Spain on Sunday.

Nonetheless, Toone might face the possibility of not starting the final due to Lauren James returning from her two-game suspension. Walsh emphasized the need for Toone to receive more recognition for her role, stating that Toone’s efforts shouldn’t be overshadowed.

Walsh applauded Toone’s performance, especially her ability to step into high-pressure situations during the quarter-finals and semi-finals. She highlighted Toone’s defensive efforts, her contribution to advancing the team on the field, and the sense of security she brought. While acknowledging Lauren James’ talent, Walsh emphasized the importance of acknowledging Toone’s fantastic contributions as well.

Lauren James, aged 21, made a notable impact in the group stage with three goals and three assists, but her red card during the last-16 match led to her suspension. In contrast, Ella Toone, playing for Manchester United, played an instrumental role in the quarter-final and semi-final victories, showcasing her versatility and skill.

Keira Walsh, who has been a consistent presence in the midfield for England, discussed her experience with Manchester City and Barcelona, highlighting her knee injury and her role in helping Barcelona secure a Champions League victory.

When asked about potential insights on Spanish players for England’s manager Sarina Wiegman, Walsh anticipated being consulted due to her knowledge of her Barcelona teammates. However, she acknowledged that the Spanish players are also aware of her and fellow Barcelona player Lucy Bronze’s capabilities, making it a two-way exchange of information.

Walsh expressed respect for Spain’s performance in the World Cup, given the challenges they faced off the field, and noted the competitiveness of the Spanish team.

With regard to England’s injured players, including Leah Williamson, Beth Mead, and Fran Kirby, Walsh conveyed their desire to be a part of the journey and their supportive messages to the team.

As the Lionesses prepare for the final against Spain, Walsh’s main focus is for her teammates to enjoy the moment and fully immerse themselves in the experience, emphasizing the significance of such opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Recognition

What role did Ella Toone play in England’s Women’s World Cup journey?

Ella Toone played a significant role by contributing to England’s victories, including scoring a crucial goal in the semi-final against Australia.

How did Keira Walsh praise Ella Toone’s contribution?

Keira Walsh emphasized Toone’s defensive efforts, her role in advancing the team on the field, and the sense of security she provided.

Why might Ella Toone miss out on starting in the final?

Toone’s starting position could be affected by the return of Lauren James after her two-game suspension.

How did Lauren James perform in the group stage?

Lauren James made an impact with three goals and three assists in the group stage matches.

What advice might Keira Walsh provide regarding Spanish players?

Walsh might offer insights on Spanish players due to her experience with Barcelona, but she also acknowledged that the Spanish players are aware of her skills.

What challenges did Spain face during the World Cup?

Despite off-field issues, including disputes between players and their coach, Spain performed well in the World Cup.

Who were the injured players in England’s squad?

Captain Leah Williamson and forwards Beth Mead and Fran Kirby missed the World Cup due to injuries.

What message did Leah Williamson send to her teammates?

Leah Williamson sent a message encouraging her teammates to enjoy the moment and make the most of the opportunity.

How does Keira Walsh view the Spain-England final?

Walsh anticipates an interesting game and acknowledges the competitiveness of both teams.

What is Keira Walsh’s main focus for the final?

Walsh’s main focus is for her teammates to enjoy the moment and fully immerse themselves in the experience.

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GameOnNow August 18, 2023 - 1:50 pm

england missin some players but they’re still in da game. keira’s msg is rly uplifting, enjoy the moment y’all!

BarcaNinja August 18, 2023 - 4:11 pm

Keira’s talk on barca girls & spain is so cool. both teams r gonna put up a fight!

Sp0rtsFreaK August 18, 2023 - 4:16 pm

toone scored imp goal, n she’s in da spotlight now, kudos to her. england’s got talent!

FootyLover88 August 18, 2023 - 10:38 pm

ella toone’s playin great & Keira’s so right bout dat. england’s gonna rock da final!

SoccerFan23 August 19, 2023 - 5:58 am

wow, that was sum nice read abt soccer! keira’s words r so tru, Toone’s gotta get her props, she’s bin amazin on da field, we shld appreciate it moar!


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