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French Open 2023 results: Novak Djokovic through to final after Carlos Alcaraz injury

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French Open 2023 Results

2023 French Open: Novak Djokovic Advances to Final Following Carlos Alcaraz’s Injury

At the 2023 French Open, world champion Carlos Alcaraz was involved in his debut semi-final.
Venue: Roland Garros, Paris. Dates: 28 May-11 June.
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Novak Djokovic is on the brink of making history with a 23rd men’s major title following his successful entrance into the French Open final, following a victory over Carlos Alcaraz, which was marred by the latter’s unfortunate injury.

The thrilling match was evenly matched with each player having won a set, when Alcaraz was forced to stop early in the third set due to cramp.

Despite two attempts to continue after medical assistance, Djokovic of Serbia capitalized on the situation, ending with a score of 6-3 5-7 6-1 6-1.

Djokovic, at age 36, will compete against either Casper Ruud or Alexander Zverev in the final match on Sunday.

Norwegian seed number four, Ruud, was a finalist in last year’s competition, while German seed number 22, Zverev, has returned to the semi-finals after a significant ankle injury sustained on court at the same stage the previous year.

Interestingly, before Zverev’s semi-final return, this year’s first semi-final was also prematurely ended due to a physical condition, though thankfully, top seed Alcaraz’s issue was not as severe as the German’s, which caused him to withdraw for several months.

However, this was sufficient to mar what was shaping up to be a classic encounter.

“I have to say, hard luck to Carlos,” Djokovic said during his court interview.

“The last thing you want at this level is cramps and physical problems. I empathize with him, I feel sorry, I hope he recovers quickly and bounces back soon.

“He is aware of his youth, he has a lot of time ahead of him, and he will claim victory in this tournament many times.”

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Alcaraz, 20, displayed a defeated demeanor after he hit a forehand into the net on Djokovic’s second match point. Djokovic, the third seed, was waiting at the net to offer consolation to his younger opponent.

Djokovic led the applause as Alcaraz left the court, even after receiving some boos while he celebrated reaching his record-breaking 34th Grand Slam men’s final by pointing to the sky.

However, the atmosphere became more festive as Djokovic addressed the crowd post-match, with supporters chanting the name of the former world number one.

“Doubts about whether to retire or finish the match must be tough for him, but kudos to him for showing tenacity and perseverance,” Djokovic added.

“I did my best to stay focused, stay in the moment, and not to dwell too much on what was happening on the other side of the net.”

How the highly anticipated semi-final was tragically cut short

The entire fortnight in Paris has been buzzing with anticipation of the Djokovic and Alcaraz match-up. The smooth progression of both players through the draw made this dream a reality.

Both men had been highly anticipated to be in the running for the Coupe des Mousquetaires trophy, even before Rafael Nadal, a 14-time champion, had to withdraw due to a hip injury.

Djokovic has secured five out of the last seven major tournaments he has participated in, while Alcaraz has claimed victory in four out of his eight tournaments this season, and succeeded the Serbian at the top of the world rankings.

Nevertheless, face-offs between the pair have been infrequent, which only fuelled the excitement surrounding the high-profile semi-final.

The match did not disappoint, starting with a high quality and energetic beginning.

Two extended opening sets demonstrated why the match was highly anticipated, with both players showing power from the baseline, delicate touches around the net, and incredible athleticism.

Djokovic’s extensive experience, playing in his 45th major semi-final, enabled him to dominate the first set, before Alcaraz – who seemed tense and made several unforced errors – upped his game in the second set.

However, the turning point came which left the spectators in Chatrier whispering and fearing an early end to the match.

After hitting a forehand into the net at 40-30 as Djokovic served in the second game, Alcaraz suddenly stopped and hopped onto his left leg.

The US Open champion indicated he needed assistance, and after umpire Aurelie Tourte along with Djokovic rushed to his aid, Alcaraz limped back to his chair.

He received treatment from a physio on his right calf, but since it was determined to be a cramp, Grand Slam rules prohibited him from taking a medical timeout outside of a changeover and was subsequently docked the game to give Djokovic a 2-1 lead.

The crowd, known for their passionate reactions throughout the fortnight, booed the decision.

Despite trying to continue, receiving additional treatment after the fifth game, Djokovic took advantage of the situation and used Alcaraz’s limited mobility to his advantage.

Alcaraz lost the third set quickly and was trailing significantly in the fourth, but managed to score late in the game, which was met with a loud cheer from the sympathetic crowd.

However, it was clear the game was no longer competitive, and Djokovic quickly served out to secure his seventh Roland Garros final.

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TennisLover90 June 9, 2023 - 6:32 pm

Oh man, feel so bad for Alcaraz. Injuries in such important matches are just…awful. Hope he recovers soon, got a bright future ahead of him for sure.

DjokoFan01 June 9, 2023 - 6:32 pm

Wow, Djokovic is truly a legend. On his way to yet another Grand Slam. This guy just doesn’t age, does he?

GrandslamWatch June 9, 2023 - 6:32 pm

Cramps at such crucial moment.. must have been a huge disappointment for Carlos, he was giving Djoko a good run. Anyway, this opens up the path for Djoko, Ruud or Zverev to take the title.

ServeAce23 June 9, 2023 - 6:32 pm

Was really lookin forward to this match. But injuries r part and parcel of the game i guess. hope Alcaraz comes back stronger.

NetPlayMaster June 9, 2023 - 6:32 pm

Cheers to Djokovic! handling the situation well n heading into another final, but tbh this match couldve been a classic if not for the injury.


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