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Jadon Sancho Claims He’s the Fall Guy After Omission from Manchester United Squad

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Jadon Sancho

Jadon Sancho has been benched for three Premier League games this season.

Feeling unfairly singled out, Jadon Sancho spoke out after Manchester United’s manager Erik ten Hag justified Sancho’s absence from the Sunday showdown against Arsenal by pointing to his lackluster performance in training.

Sancho was noticeably absent from the lineup at Emirates Stadium, where United went down 3-1 to Arsenal.

Ten Hag stated that Sancho didn’t measure up to the standards necessary for squad selection.

“Don’t buy into every headline you see,” countered Sancho on his social media platforms.

“I won’t stand for inaccurate narratives. My conduct in training has been above board this week.

“I think there are underlying reasons for my exclusion, which I prefer not to delve into. I’ve been made the fall guy for far too long, and that’s not right!”

The 23-year-old winger, who transitioned to Old Trafford from Borussia Dortmund for a staggering £73 million in 2021, has faced challenges in maintaining a stable performance level. To date, he has netted nine goals and supplied a mere six assists in his 58 league outings.

When questioned about his rationale for sidelining Sancho for the Arsenal match, Ten Hag said, “Based on his training outputs, Jadon didn’t make the cut.

“Being a part of Manchester United demands consistent high performance, and we have an abundance of options up front. He simply didn’t make the grade for this game.”

Sancho remains committed to proving his worth at the club. He said, “My only goal is to kick that ball with joy and be an asset to my team.

“While I respect the coaching staff’s decisions, I’m humbled to share the field with such extraordinary talent and know that earning my spot is a weekly battle.

“No matter what, I’m not backing down from representing this emblem.”

Earlier this year, in February, Ten Hag lauded Sancho as “exceptional” following the winger’s triumphant reentry into the Premier League after grappling with both physical and mental setbacks. Ten Hag had previously questioned Sancho’s fitness for play.

Sancho made his comeback in style, starring in the EFL Cup semi-final victory against Nottingham Forest on February 1. A week later, he was a game-changer against Leeds in the Premier League, bagging the goal that evened the score in a 2-2 draw.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Jadon Sancho

What is the main controversy between Jadon Sancho and Erik ten Hag?

The primary tension arises from Erik ten Hag’s decision to exclude Jadon Sancho from Manchester United’s lineup in a game against Arsenal. Ten Hag attributed the omission to Sancho’s poor training performance, a claim that Sancho vehemently denies.

Why didn’t Jadon Sancho play in the recent game against Arsenal?

According to Manchester United’s manager, Erik ten Hag, Jadon Sancho was left out due to insufficient performance levels in training. However, Sancho believes there are other, undisclosed reasons for his omission and asserts that he’s been unfairly made a scapegoat.

How has Jadon Sancho performed since his transfer to Manchester United?

Since his £73 million transfer from Borussia Dortmund in 2021, Sancho has had inconsistent performances. He has scored nine goals and provided six assists across 58 league appearances for Manchester United.

What did Jadon Sancho say on social media regarding his omission?

Sancho took to social media to counter the narrative set by Erik ten Hag. He claimed that he has conducted himself well in training and hinted that there might be other reasons behind his exclusion, which he chose not to disclose. He also expressed feeling like a scapegoat for a long time.

What are Jadon Sancho’s future plans with Manchester United?

Sancho has expressed his determination to continue fighting for his spot on the team. He respects the decisions made by the coaching staff but is committed to proving his worth and contributing to the team’s success.

Has Erik ten Hag previously praised Jadon Sancho?

Yes, in February, Erik ten Hag spoke highly of Sancho after the winger made a goalscoring return to the Premier League. This came after a period of physical and mental challenges that had kept Sancho out of action.

What was the outcome of the game between Manchester United and Arsenal?

Manchester United lost 3-1 to Arsenal in the game where Jadon Sancho was notably absent from the lineup.

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