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Jazmin Sawyers: The Journey of a British Athlete, from European Gold to Embracing Challenges & Relying on Comrades

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Jazmin Sawyers, the British long jumper who seized her first significant title at the European Indoor Championships in March, is set to star in a series of articles for the Sport Newes Center, focusing on her journey towards the World Athletics Championships in Budapest this August.

In her debut column, Jazz recounts her journey towards attaining her long-awaited gold medal, her battle against hurdles, and the inspiration she drew from her fellow athletes Jessica Ennis-Hill, Dina Asher-Smith, and Morgan Lake.

She speaks about her lifelong love for competition and the joy she feels when in the thick of a championship, a place she’s always held dear. However, it wasn’t until this March that she claimed her first gold medal, a victory that surpassed her expectations of success.

The triumph at the European Championship, despite the challenges and losses, felt rewarding. The experience of standing atop the podium, hearing her national anthem and witnessing the union jack rise due to her victory, was a moment she wouldn’t trade for anything. This victory has now set a new standard for her; knowing the taste of gold motivates her during tough times.

Reflecting on her career, she calls her win the most memorable experience, even more so as she didn’t anticipate it. The accomplishment of a long-standing goal of jumping seven meters, which once seemed out of reach, brought a mix of emotions – excitement, relief, shock – all of which combined into one profound response.

The tough times in her career include a six-year stretch without international podium recognition and a disappointing fourth-place finish at the previous year’s Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. This phase, marked by self-doubt, was challenging, but a subsequent bronze win at the outdoor European Championships reignited her self-belief and passion for the sport.

Sawyers, an accomplished singer who appeared in The Voice in 2017, champions a diverse array of hobbies to distract from the challenges in sports. She also values her friendships with high-achieving individuals, finding motivation and a sense of normalcy in their accomplishments.

Her opportunity to train with Jessica Ennis-Hill gave her insight into the world of elite athletes. She understood that they were regular individuals with self-belief and a strong work ethic. It debunked her misconceptions about elite athletes possessing some unique, magical qualities.

A long-standing group chat with fellow British athletes Dina Asher-Smith and Morgan Lake has been her support system. It provides her with a safe space to share feelings, seek advice, and draw inspiration. Their achievements have fueled a sense of camaraderie and mutual support.

As for the future, Sawyers’ primary goal is to win the World Championships. Her recent victories over global champions Malaika Mihambo and Ivana Vuleta have bolstered her confidence. A win at the World Championships would solidify her position among the best, putting her on track for the Paris Olympics.

Sawyers’ recent gold win has instilled in her a newfound hunger for success. Even though she’s yet to complete a year under coach Aston Moore, she feels the journey is headed in the right direction. The final line in her journey? She yearns to stand atop the podium now more than ever.

This article includes excerpts from a conversation with Sport Newes Center’s correspondent, Harry Poole.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Jazmin Sawyers

What major title did Jazmin Sawyers win recently?

Jazmin Sawyers won her first major long jump title at the European Indoor Championships in March.

Who are Jazmin Sawyers’ athletic inspirations?

Jazmin draws inspiration from fellow athletes Jessica Ennis-Hill, Dina Asher-Smith, and Morgan Lake.

What are some of the struggles Jazmin Sawyers has faced in her career?

Jazmin faced a six-year period without standing on an international podium and a fourth-place finish at the Commonwealth Games, which she described as the lowest point in her career.

How does Jazmin Sawyers cope with setbacks in her athletic career?

She copes with setbacks by engaging in a variety of hobbies and drawing on the support of her friends. She also uses past victories as a source of motivation.

What is Jazmin Sawyers’ future goal in her athletic career?

Her primary goal is to win the World Championships. This would put her on the right track for her ultimate dream: winning a title at the Olympics.

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