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Josh Taylor v Teofimo Lopez: Scot loses WBO light-welterweight title in New York

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WBO light-welterweight title

Josh Taylor suffered a defeat in New York as Teofimo Lopez claimed the WBO light-welterweight title, stripping Taylor of his last remaining world title. The 32-year-old Scottish boxer had previously relinquished three belts and lost the fourth in a fierce battle at Madison Square Garden.

Lopez, a 25-year-old American, dominated the fight after weathering Taylor’s strong start. This victory made Lopez a two-weight world champion. The scorecards favored Lopez with a unanimous decision of 115-113, 115-113, 117-111.

With this loss, Taylor, now a former world champion, faces some important decisions regarding his future. Reflecting on the bout, Taylor admitted that he wasn’t at his best and acknowledged Lopez as the better fighter that night. While expressing his desire for a rematch, Taylor recognized that the decision ultimately rests with the new champion and hinted at a move up to the welterweight division.

The build-up to the fight had been marked by contentious remarks, with Lopez issuing an apology for his earlier comments about wanting to harm Taylor in the ring. Taylor responded by dismissing Lopez as a “clown.” Both fighters had something to prove after lackluster performances in their previous bouts against Jack Catterall and Sandor Martin, respectively.

Despite some support from Scottish fans in attendance, the majority of the sold-out crowd of 5,151 were rooting for the Brooklyn-native Lopez. The fight started with an intense pace, with both boxers finding success in the early rounds. However, Lopez gradually took control, displaying confidence and skill. Taylor landed some solid punches but struggled to match Lopez’s output.

As the fight progressed, Lopez outclassed Taylor, landing precise shots and showcasing his skills in the ring. Taylor, visibly fatigued after being out of the ring for 15 months, struggled to land impactful punches. Lopez appeared more likely to secure a knockout, but Taylor managed to survive until the final bell.

After the fight, Lopez acknowledged Taylor’s toughness and expressed confidence in his victory. He questioned whether he still possessed the skills that had brought him success.

In the end, Teofimo Lopez emerged as the new WBO light-welterweight champion, while Josh Taylor faced the reality of no longer holding a world title.

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BoxingFan84 June 12, 2023 - 7:07 am

Wow, what a fight! Taylr vs. Lopz was an intense showdown in New York! The new WBO light-welterweight champ! Congrats 2 Lopz on his big win! Taylor put up a good fite, but he couldn’t hold onto his last title. Respek 2 both fighters for their hard werk!

SportsEnthusiast June 12, 2023 - 7:07 am

Taylr vs. Lopz was a nail-biter! Both fighters had sumthing 2 prove afta their last performances. Lopz showd why he’s a 2-weight champ. Taylor fought tuff, but Lopz was just too good. Exciting fight in Madison Square Garden!

FightFan101 June 12, 2023 - 7:07 am

Taylor vs. Lopz was a war in the ring! Taylor startd strong, but Lopz took control as the fite went on. Lopz’s punches were precise, and Taylor struggled 2 land his own shots. Great display of skill by both fighters. Looking forward 2 seeing what’s next for Taylor and Lopz! #boxing #champion


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