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Manchester City: ‘Hysterical and ‘hated at times’ – Pep Guardiola is already the greatest

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Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola is on the brink of making history as the first manager ever to secure the Treble twice if his Manchester City side triumphs over Inter Milan in the Champions League final. Regardless of the outcome in Istanbul, Guardiola has already cemented his status as the greatest coach football has ever witnessed, not solely due to his impressive collection of 16 major trophies and counting, but primarily because of his transformative impact on the sport.

During a recent encounter with one of Europe’s most highly regarded young coaches, I delved into what makes the 52-year-old Spaniard truly special. “Pep issued an instruction to Joao Cancelo,” the coach revealed. “As I heard it, all I could think was, ‘I know what you’re about to do, and I can’t defend against it.'”

What sets Guardiola apart is his unyielding pursuit of perfection, even when it may seem unnecessary. His team possesses the quality to win regardless, but he incessantly pushes for 100%. Former France, Arsenal, and Barcelona striker Thierry Henry recently dubbed Guardiola as “the greatest manager of all time,” a sentiment echoed by many others.

Fernandinho, Manchester City midfielder, attests that Guardiola has the ability to convince his players that what he tells them will happen in a match. He provides them with all the necessary information to handle any situation. Ilkay Gundogan, another City player, describes Guardiola as a “genius who reads the game and covers every imaginable situation.”

From the moment Guardiola took charge at Barcelona in 2008, his sole focus was to elevate football, taking his team to unprecedented heights. Former Argentina manager Jorge Sampaoli hails him as “the coach with the most imagination in football.” Guardiola possesses the knack for extracting the very best from his team and ruthlessly discarding players who do not exhibit unwavering commitment.

This exceptional quality, combined with the caliber of his players, propels him light years ahead of his peers. Guardiola’s philosophy began to take shape when he first arrived at Barcelona. In a conversation with goalkeeper Victor Valdes, he demonstrated his unconventional approach by illustrating the positions he wanted the center-backs to assume when the team had possession. Valdes initially thought Guardiola was insane but soon realized the brilliance behind his ideas.

Guardiola’s job is to convince players through his training sessions to execute precisely what he requires of them. This approach challenges conventional thinking in a sport that traditionally emphasizes individual initiative. Guardiola understands that players need guidance and instructions to reach their full potential. Those who flourish under his intensive demands develop a better understanding of the game, improved positioning, and increased support for their teammates.

His unwavering commitment to his principles is reflected in his players, such as Thomas Muller, Franck Ribery, Silva, Kevin de Bruyne, and Jack Grealish, who have all embraced his philosophy despite their strong personalities. Dani Alves once remarked, “If Pep had told me to jump off the third tier of the Nou Camp, then I’d jump because I’d think there must be a good reason for it.”

Guardiola’s coaching style involves being constantly involved and demanding more from his players. He meticulously plans strategies to outwit opponents and often sends messages to his coaching staff in the early hours of the morning. His sleeping pattern is unconventional, relying on siestas during the day to recharge. His family has adapted to this unique routine, with his wife and children using a private jet to ensure quality time together.

Many club executives may not fully comprehend Guardiola’s methods, but they acknowledge their effectiveness. Khaldoon Al Mubarak, chairman of Manchester City, recognizes his extraordinary work ethic and occasionally accommodates his insecurities. Guardiola’s meticulous preparation and pursuit of perfection often lead to bouts of hysteria when results are not as desired. However, it is within this drama and self-imposed pressure that Guardiola thrives, ensuring his passion remains alive.

Guardiola’s demands extend beyond the pitch, as he seeks excellence in every aspect of the club. He pays attention to details such as food presentation, the behavior of security personnel, and the receptionists’ smiles. He wants his players to experience the highest standards they have ever encountered.

His influence extends beyond his teams, inspiring numerous coaches worldwide. In the Premier League alone, managers like Thomas Frank, Marco Silva, Mikel Arteta, Erik ten Hag, and Roberto de Zerbi have been inspired by Guardiola’s methods. While Guardiola has absorbed lessons from other coaches, such as Brighton’s De Zerbi, his impact on the global game is undeniable.

Guardiola’s football revolution is here to stay. He has shattered preconceived notions about how the game should be played and constantly seeks to refine and challenge traditional thinking. Despite the challenges that lie ahead, his friends and confidants believe that Manchester City will be his final club before he takes charge of a national team.

As spectators of the game, we should relish Guardiola’s extraordinary footballing mind and appreciate the legacy he is building. His quest for perfection is far from over, as he continues to push the boundaries of how the game is understood and played. Guardiola’s name will forever be synonymous with footballing brilliance and innovation.

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SoccerFan123 June 9, 2023 - 12:28 pm

Pep Guardiola is just amazin, the greatest coach ever! He changed football completly with his tactics and stuff. I can’t even defend against his instructions, they’re so tricky. Pep made players better, like De Bruyne and Silva, they say he’s a genius. His teams always play with 100% effort and they win so much. Guardiola is definetly a legend.

FootieLover22 June 9, 2023 - 12:28 pm

Guardiola, the best manager evr, he knows football like no one else. He pushes players to be perfect, even wen they already win all the time. His style of play is different, he starts the attack from the back, and he makes defenders play like midfielders. It’s crazy! Other teams should learn from him, seriously.

GoalGetter99 June 9, 2023 - 12:28 pm

Guardiola is like a teacher u hated in skool but later realized he was right. He’s always demanding more and more from his players. He’s like a control freak, he wants everything to be perfect, even the food presentation! But it works, his teams win so much and they play so well. He’s a legend, no doubt.

SoccerStar7 June 9, 2023 - 12:28 pm

Pep Guardiola is a game changer, he revolutionized football tactics. His influence is felt everywhere, even national teams benefit from his ideas. He’s a genius who sees things others don’t. He demands the best from his players and makes them better. His dedication and passion are inspiring. Can’t wait to see what he does next!


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