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Oleksandr Usyk vs Daniel Dubois: A Fight of Hope and Unity for Ukraine

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Usyk vs Dubois: Is the Underdog Ready to Topple the Champion?
Oleksandr Usyk vs Daniel Dubois – Clash for the WBA, WBO & IBF Heavyweight Titles
Location: Tarczynski Arena, Poland
Date: Saturday, 26 August
Coverage: Catch live updates and reactions on the Sport News Center website & app from 21:00 BST

In the realm of sports, emotions run high, and few things can make you feel as alive as a big fight. Oleksandr Usyk, in his characteristic broken English, once famously expressed, “I am feel. I am very feel.”

Certainly, sports evoke strong feelings.

For fellow citizens of Usyk’s native Ukraine, a nation gripped by the tumult of war, his battles offer a momentary escape and fleeting instances of joy amidst the devastation, fear, and sorrow inflicted by the Russian invasion.

Alexander Krassyuk, Usyk’s promoter, recounts a poignant anecdote: “During Oleksandr’s rematch against Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia last year, I remember receiving texts and videos from guys on the frontline. They were watching his fight right there on the battlefield.”

A mere five months after defeating Joshua for the first time, thereby claiming the heavyweight championship, Usyk found himself not only defending his title but also defending his country. He manned barricades and patrolled the streets, vigilant for any sign of Russian incursion.

In August 2021, having received approval from the Ukrainian government to temporarily leave the country, Usyk bested Joshua once again in the Saudi rematch.

Now, at 36 years old, he’s set to face Britain’s Daniel Dubois in Wroclaw, Poland. This heavyweight showdown comes just two days after Ukraine’s independence day, and a year and a half since Russia initiated its full-scale invasion.

Krassyuk explains the significance of the bout: “The fight against Dubois is going to be a special show about Ukraine. [It will be] dedicated to Ukraine, featuring not only fighters but also performers, singers, and storytellers who will share what it means to be Ukrainian.”

Usyk’s gesture of paying tribute to Ukrainian soldiers, along with the anticipation of the clash, has set the stage for an electrifying event. As the open-air Tarczynski Arena in Poland braces for around 40,000 fans—mainly Ukrainian refugees who fled the invasion—the atmosphere will pulsate with the energy of fight night. For these individuals, it’s an opportunity to witness their national icon in the flesh, a source of immense pride.

Usyk reflects on the choice of location: “Poland is a country that’s been incredibly supportive of Ukraine during these trying times of war. It will be easier for Ukrainians from within the country to come to Poland for the fight. If it were in the UK, obtaining visas can be a challenge for many.”

He continues, “I aim to bring positivity and joy to my fans. Usually, I fight in the backyards of my opponents. But especially now, my people in Ukraine need those positive emotions.”

The lead-up to the fight has seen Usyk and his fans soaking in the festivities of Wroclaw, a city adorned with picturesque canals, rivers, and bridges. The public workout and the weigh-in were events filled with excitement, with fans flocking to catch a glimpse of the boxing sensation.

Usyk’s accomplishments, including an Olympic gold medal and being an undisputed cruiserweight champion, have earned him a place of honor in the hearts of his compatriots. However, it’s his philanthropic endeavors through his foundation, aiding those impacted by the war, and his dignified response to Russia’s aggression, that have truly endeared him to Ukrainians.

Despite his formidable boxing prowess, Usyk’s actions outside the ring carry immense weight. His decision to air the Joshua rematch on state TV in Ukraine, even at a personal cost, demonstrates his commitment to his people. This stands in stark contrast to the ticket prices for his upcoming defense against Dubois, starting at £9.40, while British fans are charged considerably more for pay-per-view.

Amidst the turmoil of daily life in Ukraine, with alarms, dangers, and bomb threats being a grim reality, Usyk’s fights offer a respite. A Ukrainian boxing reporter, Oleksandr Chepilko, captures this sentiment: “Every day in Ukraine, it’s a struggle, but when I think of boxing, of watching Usyk fight, my heart feels lighter.”

Usyk’s influence transcends the boxing arena. He’s regarded with reverence and admiration by people of all walks of life—mothers, daughters, sons, elders—who see in him a symbol of resilience and hope.

While he showcases his playful side during public appearances, Usyk also reveals his vulnerability, shedding tears when speaking of his late father and proudly displaying a stuffed toy gifted to him by his daughter for luck.

As his promoter, Krassyuk, aptly puts it, “Being Ukrainian means being unafraid, being brave. It means confronting threats head-on and conquering fear to fight for freedom and independence.”

In the face of Dubois, a formidable challenger in his own right, Usyk remains focused and unwavering. He shares, “I’ve learned to control my emotions over the years. My focus is solely on the fight itself; everything else is secondary. I approach every opponent with utmost seriousness, including Daniel Dubois. I prepare myself to the fullest, giving 117%, no matter who stands across the ring.”

Yet, even as a champion, Usyk recognizes the significance of this fight for his homeland. With seven Ukrainian boxers featuring on the undercard and injured soldiers securing prime seating, the event is more than just a sporting spectacle. There’s even speculation about the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, making an appearance. Zelenskyy, a boxing enthusiast, proudly displays a boxing glove carved in stone—a gift from Usyk—in his office.

While Usyk vs Dubois might not be the most anticipated fight purely from a sports standpoint, its impact on a nation yearning for a ray of positivity is immeasurable.

As Chepilko, who hails from a region near Kyiv, hopes, “I yearn for the day when Usyk can fight in Ukraine again. Money and logistics are challenges, not the war. Maybe, after the war, Usyk could organize a charity event, or perhaps his final fight could take place in Kyiv’s Olympic stadium.”

For now, Wroclaw serves as a temporary homecoming, a gathering that embodies the spirit of resilience, unity, and the pursuit of hope.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Unity

What is the significance of the Usyk vs Dubois fight for Ukraine?

The Usyk vs Dubois fight holds immense importance for Ukraine as it offers a moment of positivity and unity amidst the turmoil of war and devastation caused by the Russian invasion. Oleksandr Usyk, a national icon, brings hope and distraction to citizens who need it most.

How has Oleksandr Usyk impacted his homeland?

Beyond his boxing prowess, Usyk’s charitable efforts through his foundation, aid for war-affected individuals, and his dignified response to Russia’s aggression have endeared him to Ukrainians. His decision to air the Joshua rematch on state TV in Ukraine, despite financial implications, showcased his commitment to his people.

What role does the Usyk vs Dubois fight play in uniting Ukrainians?

The fight is more than just a sporting event; it’s a unifying moment for Ukrainians. Around 40,000 fans, including refugees, will attend. Usyk’s journey from defending his country to defending his title symbolizes resilience, while his actions provide a source of positivity and pride.

How has Oleksandr Usyk supported his fellow soldiers?

Usyk’s interactions with soldiers on the front line, and his ongoing friendships with them, showcase his genuine care and respect for those defending Ukraine. His influence extends beyond the boxing ring, with his actions embodying bravery and solidarity.

What is the broader impact of the fight on Ukraine’s national spirit?

The fight against Dubois serves as a celebration of Ukraine. It features not only fighters but also performers, singers, and storytellers sharing their experiences as Ukrainians. Usyk’s journey and his willingness to give his people a moment of joy contribute to the nation’s resilience and unity.

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