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PGA Tour & DP World Tour agree shock merger with LIV Golf to end split in golf

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PGA Tour and DP World Tour have reached a surprising agreement to merge with LIV Golf, a Saudi Arabian-backed circuit, putting an end to the divisive split in the world of golf.

The announcement comes after a tumultuous year in men’s golf due to the launch of LIV. The merger will bring an end to pending litigation between the tours and establish them as part of a unified enterprise.

Jay Monahan, the commissioner of the PGA Tour, described the agreement as a historic day for the sport. The deal entails combining the commercial operations and rights of the PGA Tour and LIV into a new, yet-to-be-named for-profit company. The agreement also includes the DP World Tour, formerly known as the European Tour.

The emergence of LIV Golf had fractured professional men’s golf over the past year, as top players were enticed by its substantial prize funds and no-cut events, which featured a team format.

LIV Golf is backed by the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund (PIF), controlled by the Saudi crown prince and involved in anti-trust lawsuits with the PGA Tour. Keith Pelley, CEO of the DP World Tour, expressed excitement about the partnership.

The new commercial entity’s board will feature Yasir Al-Rumayyan as chairman and Jay Monahan as chief executive. Monahan confirmed that LIV’s team element would remain in some form moving forward.

The parties will work together in the coming months to finalize the terms of the agreement. Al-Rumayyan emphasized their commitment to unifying, promoting, and growing the game of golf worldwide while maintaining its history and tradition.

Legal action had been ongoing due to an anti-trust lawsuit filed against the PGA Tour last August. The DP World Tour also won a legal battle against 12 LIV players for breaching its code of behavior. The fines and suspensions led to notable players resigning from the European team for the Ryder Cup.

The involvement of Saudi Arabia in sports has been controversial, with critics questioning the kingdom’s human rights record. However, the deal signifies Saudi Arabia’s substantial financial influence on men’s professional golf.

The specifics of how this merger will transform the game remain uncertain, but all parties involved are relieved that the threat of legal action has been resolved, and LIV players now have a pathway back to a more unified golfing landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about golf merger

What is the merger between the PGA Tour, DP World Tour, and LIV Golf?

The merger is an agreement between the PGA Tour, DP World Tour, and LIV Golf to join forces and create a unified enterprise in the world of professional golf. It brings an end to the split that existed and aims to establish a more cohesive and integrated approach to the sport.

What led to the decision to merge?

The decision to merge was driven by several factors. The emergence of LIV Golf as a Saudi Arabian-backed circuit had caused a significant disruption in the men’s game, attracting top players with its lucrative prize funds and unique team format. The legal battles and acrimonious relationship between the PGA Tour, DP World Tour, and LIV Golf also played a role in seeking a resolution and finding a more collaborative path forward.

How will the merger impact the game of golf?

The impact of the merger is yet to be fully determined. However, it is expected to bring about changes in the structure and operations of professional golf. The combination of resources, commercial operations, and rights from all three entities will likely lead to a more unified and globally-oriented approach. The continued presence of the team format, as confirmed by the PGA Tour commissioner, suggests that elements of LIV Golf’s successful model will be retained.

What does this mean for players and fans?

For players, the merger provides a pathway for those who had participated in LIV Golf to reapply for membership and potentially return to the broader professional golf community. It offers a chance for greater unity and cooperation among players worldwide. As for fans, this merger has the potential to enhance the overall viewing experience, promote global growth, and ensure a more consolidated and competitive landscape in the sport.

Will there be any changes in the tournaments and schedules?

Specific changes to tournaments and schedules have not been outlined yet. The merger is still in its early stages, and the parties involved will work together to finalize the terms of the agreement. It is likely that the integration of the PGA Tour, DP World Tour, and LIV Golf will require adjustments to the existing structures, but the details of such changes will be determined in due course.

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GolfLover22 June 6, 2023 - 5:18 pm

Wow, didn’t see this comin! PGA Tour and DP World Tour mergin with LIV Golf? That’s crazy! No more split in golf. Big news for the game!

BirdieHunter June 6, 2023 - 5:18 pm

Finally, the drama’s over! PGA Tour and DP World Tour joinin forces with LIV Golf. Gonna be interestin to see how this changes the game. #GolfMerger

FairwayFanatic June 6, 2023 - 5:18 pm

Can’t believe they’re teamin up! PGA Tour, DP World Tour, and LIV Golf comin together. The golf world’s gonna be different now. Excitin times ahead!

GolfFan91 June 6, 2023 - 7:24 pm

Wow, this merger is huge! The PGA Tour and DP World Tour joining forces with LIV Golf? Mind-blowing! Golf will never be the same again.

BirdieKing June 6, 2023 - 7:24 pm

Can’t believe this news! The golf world is in for a wild ride. The PGA Tour and DP World Tour were like enemies with LIV Golf, but now they’re all together? Crazy!

GreenFairway June 6, 2023 - 7:24 pm

Whoa, didn’t see this coming! The PGA Tour and DP World Tour finally burying the hatchet with LIV Golf. It’s like a dream, but it’s real! Can’t wait to see how this shakes up the game.

HoleInOne June 6, 2023 - 7:24 pm

This merger be the talk of the clubhouse, mateys! The PGA Tour, DP World Tour, and LIV Golf teamin’ up like pirates huntin’ treasure. Arr, the golf seas be changin’!

EagleEye June 6, 2023 - 7:24 pm

Hold on a second! The PGA Tour and DP World Tour makin’ nice with LIV Golf? That’s bonkers, mate! Can’t wait to see what they do next in this golfing saga.

FairwayAce June 6, 2023 - 7:24 pm

No way! The PGA Tour and DP World Tour settlin’ their feud with LIV Golf? Unbelievable, man! This merger gonna shake the golf world upside down!

TeeTimePro June 6, 2023 - 7:24 pm

Well, I’ll be darned! The PGA Tour and DP World Tour puttin’ their differences aside for LIV Golf? This golf merger gonna make some serious waves, my friends!


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