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Republic of Ireland’s Stephen Kenny Remains Confident Amid Speculation for Euro 2024 Qualifier

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Euro 2024 qualifier

The Republic of Ireland faced a disappointing night in Athens during their Euro 2024 qualifier, Group B. As they prepare for their upcoming match against Gibraltar, Republic of Ireland boss Stephen Kenny shrugged off speculations about his future.

Having failed to secure a point in their first two games, pressure mounted on Kenny after the team’s 2-1 loss to Greece on Friday. When asked if he expected to remain in charge for the rest of the campaign, Kenny confidently replied, “Yes, I definitely do.”

“Our focus is on achieving a positive result against Gibraltar,” Kenny emphasized.

While there are no new injury concerns, Kenny has hinted at making some changes for the upcoming match. Wigan midfielder James McClean will don the captain’s armband as he celebrates his 100th cap.

On Sunday morning, Kenny woke up to reports suggesting that he could be replaced following the defeat in Greece, which severely dented the Republic’s chances of reaching the finals. Addressing the speculation, Kenny stated, “My contract runs until the end of the campaign, and whether it’s renewed will depend on how people assess the overall performance. However, I fully expect to remain as the Republic manager.”

Acknowledging the criticism he has faced, Kenny added, “While some of the criticism is justified, there are inaccuracies as well. That’s the nature of it. Personally, I’m not fixated on it. My sole focus is on managing this group of players and the task at hand.”

Expressing his belief in the players, Kenny stated, “We’re not perfect, but I have great faith in them. I understand that people may have different opinions, but I believe in our team.” Reflecting on the loss to Greece, he admitted, “We wanted to win, but we didn’t. That’s the reality. If we had emerged victorious against Greece, everything would have been on track, and we would have approached the Gibraltar game with confidence.”

The Republic of Ireland has won all four of their previous encounters against Gibraltar, with an impressive aggregate score of 14-0. Gibraltar currently sits at the bottom of the group. When asked if anything less than victory over a team ranked 152 places below Ireland was unthinkable, Kenny responded, “In terms of European Championship qualification, yes, it is unthinkable.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Euro 2024 qualifier

Q: What is the current situation for the Republic of Ireland in the Euro 2024 qualifier?

A: The Republic of Ireland is currently without a point after two games in the Euro 2024 qualifier. They faced a 2-1 loss to Greece, putting pressure on manager Stephen Kenny and their hopes of reaching the finals at risk.

Q: Is Stephen Kenny confident about his future as the Republic of Ireland boss?

A: Yes, Stephen Kenny remains confident about his future as the Republic of Ireland boss. Despite speculation and criticism, Kenny expressed his expectation to be in charge for the remainder of the campaign and emphasized his focus on achieving a positive result in the upcoming match against Gibraltar.

Q: Are there any injury concerns for the Republic of Ireland ahead of the Gibraltar match?

A: There are no fresh injury concerns for the Republic of Ireland. However, Stephen Kenny has indicated that he plans to make changes to the team for the Gibraltar match.

Q: What changes will be made for the Gibraltar match?

A: One of the changes for the Gibraltar match will be James McClean wearing the captain’s armband. McClean will be celebrating his 100th cap as a midfielder for Wigan.

Q: How does Stephen Kenny respond to the speculation about his potential replacement?

A: Stephen Kenny acknowledges the speculation about his potential replacement but remains focused on his current role as the Republic of Ireland manager. He stated that his contract runs until the end of the campaign and he fully expects to continue in his position.

Q: Is victory over Gibraltar crucial for the Republic of Ireland’s European Championship qualification?

A: Yes, victory over Gibraltar is crucial for the Republic of Ireland’s European Championship qualification. Gibraltar is ranked 152 places below Ireland, and anything less than a victory would be considered unthinkable in terms of their qualification aspirations.

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FootyExpert99 June 19, 2023 - 2:01 am

It’s tough for Stephen Kenny at the moment, but he sounds confident about his future. He needs to rally the team n get those much-needed points. Hopin’ for a victory against Gibraltar to turn things around. #BelieveInKenny

SportsEnthusiast June 19, 2023 - 5:10 pm

Kudos to Stephen Kenny for keepin’ his head held high despite the pressure! He shud focus on da game n let the critics do their talkin’. Let’s hope Ireland dominates Gibraltar like they did in the past! #COYBIG

SoccerFan21 June 19, 2023 - 10:06 pm

hey, ths srticle is awsm! stephen kenny rly deservs support n trust. if he wns aganst gibraltar, evrything will b fine. Go ireland!


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