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Sarina Wiegman: England’s Lauren James let emotions overtake her leading to red card

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Lauren James red card

England star Lauren James “let her emotions run high” during the dismissal in the match against Nigeria, a Women’s World Cup knockout fixture, according to her manager Sarina Wiegman.

Chelsea striker James, with a tally of three goals and three assists in the Australian tournament, was red-carded following a VAR decision for treading on Michelle Alozie’s back during the 87th minute of play.

The tie concluded goalless, but the Lionesses clinched the win 4-2 via a penalty shootout.

Wiegman, who stood by James, said, “This incident provides a major learning opportunity for her.”

“Lauren would never deliberately cause harm. She’s the most gentle soul I know. It was a late phase in the match and exhaustion sets in.

“Her lack of experience on such a grand stage showed, and her emotions got the better of her in a moment of haste. It wasn’t intentional. She feels remorseful and has offered her apologies.”

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Although James had made her mark during the group stages, she was effectively neutralized by an efficient Nigerian side until her lapse of judgement. Initially, the referee had only issued a yellow card which was escalated to a red after the VAR review.

BBC’s Vicki Sparks drew parallels between the incident and David Beckham’s infamous foul against Argentina.

During the 1998 Men’s World Cup last 16, star England midfielder Beckham was sent off for retaliating against Diego Simeone. In the fallout, Beckham faced extensive backlash, death threats, and even saw an effigy of himself hanged outside a pub.

Expressing gratitude for the absence of social media during that period, Beckham has previously stated.

James’ England colleague, Jess Carter, following the quarter-finals qualification in Brisbane, stated, “Social media can be devilish. However, I believe she is surrounded by enough experienced individuals who can guide and support her through this ordeal.”

The 21-year-old Chelsea player James will miss the quarter-final against either Colombia or Jamaica. Additionally, FIFA could choose to extend her suspension, potentially eliminating her from the rest of the tournament.

‘Success tarnished by one act’
Despite playing with a numerical disadvantage for more than half an hour following James’ expulsion, England persevered and advanced.

“Lauren James’ tremendous efforts have been overshadowed by this solitary act,” remarked ex-England player and current BBC analyst, Anita Asante.

“She is a sensation, and this incident will hopefully serve as a learning experience. The team has lost a game-changer,” she added.

England’s record scorer Ellen White felt that “the action was unnecessary.”

Her teammates, however, came to her defense.

Fullback Lucy Bronze told Sport News Center: “The minute the match was over, I went to see her. She’s upset and this is probably due to frustration.

“She’s young, and no one harbors any negative thoughts about LJ. Her initial performances were outstanding.

“It’s unfortunate we’ll be without her for a match. Everyone acknowledges her talent. She’s young and this experience will hopefully teach her a lesson.”

Rachel Daly also weighed in: “She’s a young player – it’s easy to forget. There’s a lot of external pressure on her.

“This is a team sport, she’s been instrumental for us, and we’ll be there to support her.”

Nigeria’s Alozie, the player trodden on by James, commented, “It was advantageous for us when she was taken out.

“Her reaction to the tackle caught me by surprise. I don’t think it was necessary. I’m alright, there’s no harm done where she stepped on me.

“At first, I was bewildered. I wasn’t sure what was happening. There’s no ill will, it’s just a game.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Lauren James red card

What happened to Lauren James during the Women’s World Cup match?

Lauren James, the England star forward, received a red card during the Women’s World Cup last 16 match against Nigeria. She was sent off after a VAR review for stamping on Michelle Alozie’s back in the 87th minute.

What was the result of the game?

The match ended in a 0-0 draw, and England secured victory with a 4-2 win on penalties.

How did manager Sarina Wiegman react to the incident?

Manager Sarina Wiegman described it as a significant learning experience for Lauren James. She stated that James, being inexperienced on such a big stage, let her emotions take over, and the action was not intentional. Wiegman emphasized that James is a kind person who would never want to harm anyone.

Did Lauren James apologize for the incident?

Yes, Lauren James apologized and felt genuinely sorry for her actions.

How did the team and teammates react to the red card?

The teammates supported and rallied around Lauren James, showing understanding for her young age and the pressures she faces. They emphasized her talents and expressed hope that she would learn from the experience.

Were there any comparisons made to other football incidents?

BBC commentator Vicki Sparks drew comparisons to David Beckham’s infamous red card against Argentina during the 1998 Men’s World Cup.

What is the potential impact of the red card on Lauren James’ participation in the tournament?

Lauren James will miss the quarter-final match against either Colombia or Jamaica. FIFA may also extend her suspension, which could potentially rule her out for the remainder of the tournament.

How did Nigeria’s Michelle Alozie react to the incident?

Michelle Alozie expressed surprise at Lauren James’ reaction to the tackle but stated that there are no hard feelings, as it’s just part of the game.

What does former England player Anita Asante say about the incident?

Anita Asante believes that the red card tarnished the good work Lauren James had done so far in the tournament. However, she also expressed hope that James would grow from the experience.

How did social media play a role in this incident?

Lauren James’ England teammate, Jess Carter, referred to social media as “the devil” and expressed concern about the pressure it puts on young players like James.

Can the combined UK national team featuring Gareth Bale, Aaron Ramsey, and Andrew Robertson win the World Cup?

There was a mention of a potential combined UK national team led by Gareth Bale, Aaron Ramsey, and Andrew Robertson, but no specific analysis or predictions were provided in this text.

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