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Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy says it was ‘mistake’ to appoint ‘trophy managers’

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Spurs Managerial Mistakes

Tottenham’s chairman, Daniel Levy, has openly admitted that the club made some “mistakes” when appointing high-profile “trophy managers” like Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte. Both had previously tasted success in the Premier League but were let go by Spurs after less than 18 months due to underwhelming results.

However, the current scenario is quite different under the stewardship of their latest manager, Ange Postecoglou, with Tottenham currently sitting in second place in the Premier League. Speaking at a fan forum, Levy couldn’t hide his enthusiasm, saying, “We’ve got our Tottenham back.”

The decision to pivot towards high-profile managers came after the departure of Mauricio Pochettino, who led Tottenham to their first Champions League final in 2019, albeit ending in heartbreak against Liverpool in Madrid. Levy felt the mounting pressure to change the club’s strategy.

In his own words, Levy explained, “I want to win just as much as everybody else. The frustration from not winning and the pressure from maybe some players and a large element of the fan base that we need to win, we need to spend money, we need to have a big manager, a big name. And it affected me. The strategy was to bring in a trophy manager, and we did it twice. You have to learn from the mistakes.”

First, it was Mourinho, a three-time Premier League champion with Chelsea, who took the helm in November 2019. While he led the club to the final of the Carabao Cup shortly before his departure in April 2021, their league position had slipped to seventh.

Following Mourinho’s exit, Conte, another Premier League-winning manager from his Chelsea days, was appointed. He initially secured a top-four finish for Tottenham but left in March, criticizing the club’s culture, with Spurs fourth in the league and out of all cup competitions.

Levy emphasized, “They are great managers, but maybe not for this club.” Acknowledging the managerial missteps, he nevertheless stood by another controversial decision during his tenure – Tottenham’s involvement in the European Super League (ESL).

Tottenham was one of six Premier League clubs initially onboard with the ESL, but they swiftly withdrew from the project amid intense backlash. Levy defended the club’s stance, stating, “All I’d say is we will always act in the best interests of this club, and I stand by the decision we made. We were prepared to have a conversation regarding the European Super League.”

In this candid admission of past errors and a commitment to the club’s interests, Levy has given Spurs fans hope that they are on the right path to reclaiming their glory days in the Premier League.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Spurs Managerial Mistakes

What prompted Daniel Levy to acknowledge mistakes in appointing managers?

Daniel Levy felt pressure from fans and the need to win, leading to a shift in the club’s strategy after sacking Mauricio Pochettino, the former manager who took Tottenham to the Champions League final in 2019.

Who were the “trophy managers” mentioned in the text?

The “trophy managers” referred to in the text are Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte, both of whom had previously won the Premier League as managers but were let go by Spurs due to disappointing results.

Who is the current manager of Tottenham Hotspur?

As of the text, Ange Postecoglou is the current manager of Tottenham Hotspur, and the team was performing well under his leadership.

What controversial decision did Tottenham make regarding the European Super League?

Tottenham was one of the six Premier League clubs initially involved in the European Super League (ESL) but withdrew from the project within 72 hours following widespread condemnation.

How did Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte perform during their managerial stints at Tottenham?

Jose Mourinho guided the club to sixth place in the league in his first season but was sacked in April 2021. Antonio Conte secured a top-four finish but left the club in March, criticizing the club’s culture.

What did Daniel Levy mean when he said, “We’ve got our Tottenham back”?

Levy’s statement, “We’ve got our Tottenham back,” was a positive assessment of the current state of the club under Ange Postecoglou’s management, indicating a sense of optimism and improvement.

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