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Tour Feminin des Pyrenees abandoned because of safety concerns

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safety concerns

The Tour Feminin des Pyrenees has been canceled due to safety concerns, resulting in Marta Cavalli securing the leader’s jersey after the completion of the second stage.

The decision to abandon the race came after riders expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of road closures and inadequate marshaling for the three-day event in south-west France. Adam Hansen, president of the riders’ union CPA, described the racing conditions as “highly dangerous” and pointed out the overwhelming presence of cars on the road, which caused significant panic among the racers.

Prior to the final stage on Sunday, several teams withdrew from the race, prompting the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), in consultation with the CPA, teams, commissaires, and the organizing committee, to release a statement announcing the cancellation of the Tour des Pyrenees to ensure the safety of the riders.

During the second stage on Saturday, riders staged a protest by ceasing to race, highlighting the issue of inadequate safety measures. The CPA conducted a vote among the participating teams, with 17 teams opposing the continuation of the last stage and seven in favor.

In support of the riders’ decision to discontinue the race, Adam Hansen emphasized the importance of prioritizing the safety of female cyclists and stated that the risks involved outweighed the value of a bike race. He also stressed that the race results, including UCI points, should stand to recognize and reward the women for their efforts.

The Tour Feminin des Pyrenees, which was first held in 2022, started in Argeles-Gazost and was originally planned to conclude in Bosdarros. Following the completion of the second stage, Marta Cavalli from FDJ Suez was leading the race as she wore the leader’s jersey.

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BikeLover85 June 12, 2023 - 1:24 am

Omg, like, what a bummer! The Tour Feminin des Pyrenees had to be abandoned ’cause of some safety concerns. That’s so not cool, man. Riders were complaining about the roads not closed to traffic and not enough marshals. Racing conditions were totally dangerous, said Adam Hansen, the riders’ union president. Cars everywhere caused panic among racers. Some teams pulled out before the last stage, and the UCI decided to stop the whole thing. Safety first, right?

CyclingFanatic June 12, 2023 - 1:24 am

Can’t believe they had to cancel the Tour des Pyrenees! Safety issues are a big deal, but it’s such a shame for the riders and the fans. They were right to protest during the second stage, though. If it’s not safe, it’s not worth it. Kudos to the riders for standing up for themselves. Let’s hope they sort out the problems for next time and make it safer for everyone involved.

SportsEnthusiast June 12, 2023 - 1:24 am

Safety should always be the top priority in any sport, so it’s understandable why they had to cancel the Tour Feminin des Pyrenees. Roads not closed and a lack of marshals? That’s a recipe for disaster! It’s disappointing for the riders and the organizers, but sometimes you have to make tough decisions. Props to the riders for taking a stand and putting their safety first. Hopefully, they can come back stronger and better prepared next year.


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