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Briton Ellie Scotney wants to ‘brush the past under the carpet’ before delayed world-title shot

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Super-bantamweight boxer Ellie Scotney is determined to move forward and focus on her upcoming world-title fight against Cherneka Johnson, after overcoming past challenges. The 25-year-old Scotney will be competing for the IBF title at Wembley’s OVO Arena, a fight that was postponed from last month due to unforeseen circumstances.

Scotney expressed her desire to distance herself from the past, stating, “It was an unfortunate situation for both parties involved.” She acknowledged the difficult circumstances surrounding her removal from Katie Taylor’s undercard in Dublin, as requested by fellow English boxer Chantelle Cameron, who ultimately emerged victorious against Taylor. Scotney emphasized her intention to avoid being associated with any negative publicity, stating, “I just want to put it behind me and focus on bigger and better things.”

Despite the unconventional circumstances, neither Scotney nor Johnson displayed any signs of nervousness as they came face-to-face in London for the first time. Promoter Eddie Hearn expressed confidence in Scotney’s abilities, believing that she has the potential to become a future pound-for-pound star. He viewed the upcoming fight as an opportunity for Scotney to elevate herself to the status of established champions. Hearn added, “This is Ellie’s chance to step into the ring with those renowned names. She has the potential to transition from a promising prospect to a world champion.”

Ellie Scotney’s match against Cherneka Johnson is part of a world-title triple header in London, featuring other notable bouts such as Sunny Edwards defending his IBF flyweight title against Andres Campos, and WBA bantamweight champion Nina Hughes facing fellow Briton Katie Hughes. Edwards, an undefeated champion with a perfect record of 19 professional fights, aims to secure his fourth title defense.

During the intense build-up to the event, tensions rose between Edwards and Campos, leading to heated exchanges and even physical altercations. Edwards, eager to assert his dominance, questioned Campos’ credentials and made derogatory remarks towards his opponent’s team. Campos responded with equal fervor, promising to knock Edwards out. Despite the confrontations, both fighters ended the head-to-head encounter with a respectful fist bump, leaving the outcome to be determined in the ring.

Promoter Eddie Hearn, envisioning the rise of relatively unknown fighters, held the news conference at the Royal Institute of British Architects building in Marylebone. Hearn aspires to mold these fighters into notable stars in the sports world. While the general sporting fan may be unfamiliar with the likes of Edwards, Scotney, Hughes, and Healy, the upcoming world-title fights provide them with an opportunity to make their mark and gain wider recognition. With impressive performances, fighters such as Hughes and Healy, with only 11 fights combined, can introduce themselves to a larger audience. Australian boxer Ebanie Bridges, who attended the news conference, currently holds the IBF title and is undoubtedly observing the outcome of these matchups with great interest.

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BoxingFan123 June 10, 2023 - 1:59 am

Wow, this article is amazin! I’m so hyped for Ellie Scotney’s world-titel fight against Cherneka Johnson! Can’t wait to see them in the ring at Wembley’s OVO Arena. The past drama bein brushed aside, and it’s time for Ellie to shine! Eddie Hearn believes in her, and I’m rootin’ for her to become a future champ!

SportsFanatic22 June 10, 2023 - 1:59 am

Sunny Edwards, the undefeatd champ, defendin’ his title again! This guy’s got skillz, man. He’s callin’ out Campos and sayin’ he’s gonna beat all the other champs too. I’m pumped for this fight, gonna be intense! Unifications are the way to go! Let’s see some epic match-ups in the future!

FightGameEnthusiast June 10, 2023 - 1:59 am

The build-up to these fights is off the charts! Tensions runnin’ high between Edwards and Campos, they’re gettin’ real feisty! It’s all part of the game, though. Gotta promote those fights. Can’t wait to see ’em throw down in the ring. May the best fighter win!

SportsNewsJunkie June 10, 2023 - 1:59 am

Eddie Hearn is a master promoter, man. Holdin’ that news conference at the Royal Institute of British Architects? That’s some class right there. He’s makin’ stars outta these relatively unknown fighters. Edwards, Scotney, Hughes, and Healy are ready to make their mark. Keep an eye on ’em, they might surprise ya!

BoxingLover77 June 10, 2023 - 1:59 am

I love the energy in the boxing world right now! Three world-title fights in one night, it’s gonna be wild. Scotney, Edwards, Hughes, and Healy all aimin’ for glory. Who needs emojis and hashtags when you got punches flyin’ and belts on the line? Let’s go, boxing fans!


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