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Colombia’s Female Fans: Exuberance and Support Before Facing England in Women’s World Cup

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Originally from Guarinocito in Colombia, Kevin has resided in Australia for the past seven years.

As England prepares to compete against Colombia in the Women’s World Cup quarter-finals on Saturday, the team will confront not only a Colombian squad known for their extraordinary mix of talent, power, youth, and wisdom but also a zealous Colombian fanbase.

This World Cup has been electrified by the lively and vibrant crowds backing the Colombian team. Their national anthem, sung with an intensity that causes chills, is something that must be experienced firsthand.

Though some may have journeyed from Bogota, many were already present in Australia, integrated within Colombian expatriate communities spread throughout the nation.

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“We’re not just tourists here for the World Cup; many of us live here,” says Valentina Pena, a Colombian sports broadcaster for W Radio Colombia, speaking to Sport Newes Center.

Colombia’s trend of traveling to Australia for work, English studies, and travel has led to Colombians spread all over the country.

“We’re numerous, and we’re noisy – we are Latino people,” she adds.

Whether for Sydney’s games or Perth’s (where work visas are easier to acquire), Colombians have made their presence felt.

According to the 2021 census, over 38,000 Colombia-born individuals permanently reside in Australia, and more than 28,000 Colombians are present as students or on student visas.

Kevin, a Colombian expatriate living in Brisbane for seven years, is among them.

Kevin traveled to Melbourne for Colombia’s 1-0 win over Jamaica, ensuring their first Women’s World Cup quarter-final against the Lionesses. He speaks of a significant community of Colombians, also pointing out the unity among Latin Americans.

‘This is a Transformative Time for Colombian Football
Colombian Fans Enliven Melbourne During Their Victory over Jamaica in World Cup Last-16

Those who have attended the matches have been dazzled by some of the tournament’s finest play, especially from teenage sensation Linda Caicedo.

Colombia’s coach, Nelson Abadia, praised the fans, attributing the team’s captivating style of play as a significant draw.

Their stunning 2-1 win over Germany, with Manuela Vanegas’ 97th-minute header, epitomizes the meteoric rise of Colombian women’s football. Their recent successes on the field have spurred a cultural shift and increased commercial interest in women’s soccer in Colombia.

‘England Lucked Out, So Let’s See What Unfolds’
Colombian Defender Daniella Arias Celebrates Victory Over Jamaica

With momentum both on and off the pitch, Colombia faces favorite England at Stadium Australia on Saturday. Despite a lackluster performance against Nigeria, England pulled through on penalties.

Supporter Kevin humorously refers to the upcoming match as “a nightmare” but remains hopeful: “Let’s see what happens, let’s do it.”

Regardless of the outcome, Colombian fans will infuse Australia’s 80,000-seater national stadium with their characteristic energy, color, and national pride.

Reflecting on the anthem sung against Germany, Pena recalls, “I’ve never felt something like that.”

“If they [the players] sense that energy, they will give their best on the field. They feel like the whole of Colombia is behind them.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword: Colombian women’s football team

What is the significance of the Colombian fans in the Women’s World Cup?

The Colombian fans have been a standout feature of the Women’s World Cup, known for their vibrant and energetic support. Many are part of expatriate communities in Australia, and their loud renditions of the national anthem have become emblematic of their passion. They’ve traveled across cities to support their team and have shown unity with other Latin Americans.

Who is one of the exciting talents in the Colombian women’s football team?

Teenage winger Linda Caicedo has established herself as one of the most thrilling talents in the Colombian women’s football team. Her performance has been key to some of the best football played by Colombia in the tournament.

How has the Colombian women’s football team performed in the World Cup?

Colombia has performed remarkably, with notable victories such as a 2-1 win over Germany. They also secured a 1-0 last-16 victory over Jamaica, booking their first Women’s World Cup quarter-final against England. The team’s style of play has drawn attention and praise from fans and analysts alike.

How many Colombians live in Australia, and what is their impact on the World Cup?

According to the latest census in 2021, there are over 38,000 Colombia-born people permanently living in Australia, and more than 28,000 are in the country on student visas or as students. Their presence has significantly contributed to the fervent support of the Colombian team in the World Cup, adding color and noise to the stadiums.

What are the expectations for the quarter-final match between Colombia and England?

Despite England starting as favorites, Colombia has momentum and a passionate fanbase supporting them. The match is seen as a challenge, but Colombian supporters are hopeful and eager for the game. The outcome is anticipated with excitement, and Colombian fans are sure to bring their characteristic energy to the stadium.

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EmilyK August 10, 2023 - 9:23 am

England won the lottery against Nigeria? haha, that’s a good one, Kevin! But seriously, I think England will pull through. It’ll be a tough match for sure.

Jenny Smith August 10, 2023 - 4:36 pm

Wow, the Colombians sure know how to support their team! Their enthusiasm and passion is so inspiring, can’t wait for the match against England. GO Colombia!

RobertoG August 11, 2023 - 1:37 am

As a Colombian living in Australia, I feel so proud reading this. Our people are loud and proud, and we will be there to support our girls. Viva Colombia!

Sarah87 August 11, 2023 - 6:28 am

Its awesome to see how women’s football is growing in Colombia. Beating Germany is a huge deal. this could change everything for them.

Mike_T August 11, 2023 - 8:22 am

Linda Caicedo is an amazing player. Did you see her last game? unbelievable skills.


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