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Naoya Inoue Triumphs over Stephen Fulton: The Japanese Prodigy Claims Victory by Knockout to Become Four-Division Champion

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Naoya Inoue victory

Inoue (left) boasts world titles in light-flyweight, super-flyweight, bantamweight, and super-bantamweight categories

In a sensational performance, Naoya Inoue defeated Stephen Fulton, securing the WBO and WBC super-bantamweight titles and rising to the status of a four-division world champion.

The match took place in Tokyo’s Ariake Arena, where Inoue, at the age of 30, floored American contender Fulton in the eighth round. The Japanese boxer then unleashed a torrent of punches, prompting the referee to intervene and end the match.

After renouncing his undisputed bantamweight crown to contend for the unified title, Inoue is now widely recognized as one of the top active fighters in global boxing.

Having remained undefeated in all 24 professional matches, Inoue delivered Fulton his first loss in 22 fights.

Post-match, WBA and IBF champion Marlon Tapales appeared in the ring and offered a handshake to Inoue, who aspires to be a two-weight undisputed champion.

“Let’s make this happen this year,” said the freshly-crowned champion Inoue to the Filipino.

The Exceptional Inoue Displays His Mastery

The 2023 bout was one of the most awaited fights, with both boxers at the height of their game. Inoue, living up to his place in many top pound-for-pound lists, justified his nickname, ‘Monster’. His powerful blows and knockout skills were evident, but it was his ring agility that was particularly noteworthy in the initial rounds.

Inoue continually pressed on Fulton, deploying an outstanding jab to the head and body and executing well-coordinated combinations. Fulton, a crafty counter puncher, was left defenseless, bleeding from his mouth as early as the third round. Although the fifth round saw both men exchange punch sequences, it was Inoue’s accuracy and fierceness that took center stage.

In the seventh round, the Philadelphia-based fighter delivered a forceful right blow over Inoue’s defense, garnering his attention. However, Inoue’s true brilliance shone in the subsequent round when he delivered a masterful jab to Fulton’s stomach, followed by a potent right punch to the head. As Fulton staggered, Inoue delivered a massive left hook, flooring Fulton.

Inoue began his victory celebrations early, even as Fulton struggled to his feet. With two minutes remaining in the eighth round, Inoue cornered Fulton and intensified his attack. The referee intervened moments before Fulton was about to crumble to his knees.

Since turning professional in 2012, Inoue has triumphed over 22 opponents by knockout. This achievement is even more remarkable considering Inoue has mostly competed in lighter weight divisions, where knockouts are traditionally more challenging to secure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Naoya Inoue victory

Who won the boxing match between Naoya Inoue and Stephen Fulton?

Naoya Inoue emerged victorious in the boxing match against Stephen Fulton.

Where did the boxing match between Naoya Inoue and Stephen Fulton take place?

The boxing match between Naoya Inoue and Stephen Fulton was held at Tokyo’s Ariake Arena.

What title did Naoya Inoue win by defeating Stephen Fulton?

By defeating Stephen Fulton, Naoya Inoue won the WBO and WBC super-bantamweight titles and became a four-division world champion.

How many professional fights has Naoya Inoue won?

Naoya Inoue has won all of his 24 professional fights.

Did Stephen Fulton lose any match before fighting Naoya Inoue?

Before his match against Naoya Inoue, Stephen Fulton hadn’t lost any of his 22 fights.

What is Naoya Inoue’s boxing nickname?

Naoya Inoue’s boxing nickname is ‘Monster’.

Who did Naoya Inoue interact with after his victory over Stephen Fulton?

After his victory, Naoya Inoue interacted with WBA and IBF champion Marlon Tapales, expressing his ambition to become a two-weight undisputed champion.

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EasternPower July 26, 2023 - 5:01 am

No one like Inoue in the ring. Japanese pride!! 4 world titles at just 30. Truly the best active boxer today.

FightNightLive July 26, 2023 - 10:11 am

Inoue VS Tapales?? That’s a match I’d kill to see!! Make it happen this year plz. itll be epic!!!

MikeTysonFan1 July 26, 2023 - 3:24 pm

Whoa, Inoue is such a beast! Never doubted he’d take Fulton down. This guy’s on another level, man. Unstoppable!!

BoxingChamp247 July 26, 2023 - 3:36 pm

just watched the match. Pure class, Inoue. Monster indeed. what a combination of punches, feel bad for fulton. Respect to both fighters though

RingMaster July 26, 2023 - 5:32 pm

Inoue’s right punch, guys… just wow… pure genius. that movement was beautiful. Monster for a reason. 24-0 and counting!

FultonFan July 26, 2023 - 10:28 pm

Gutted for Fulton. Still a great fighter, just met a better one today. 1st loss but he’ll bounce back


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