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Son Heung-min – The First Asian Player to Reach 100 Premier League Goals

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Son Heung-min is famous all over the world, especially in Asia. People know him as a football star because he has made it to 100 goals in the Premier League – making him the first player from Asia to do this!

Moussa Sissoko, who was his teammate and friend, said that Son is always cheerful and loves to make jokes. And when people around him are sad, he’s always there to cheer them up.

Sonny is the kind of player who brings enthusiasm to the team. He’s a great player, great person, and shows a lot of dedication. Even after a bad moment during training or in a game, having someone like him around is very important. Behind his winning smile lies strong determination which comes from his father who was also a professional football player – his dad’s experiences have had an effect on Sonny’s career.

Son is amazing! He has worked hard and achieved something big that no one else from Asia has grabbed before. He became the first Asian to score 100 goals in the English top flight. It wasn’t easy at all. When he arrived in England, it took some time for Son to get used to it. And even though Tottenham came close to winning the title, due to some issues they had a late drop and were positioned third.

If you want to see all the latest news about Tottenham, sign up for notifications right away! Harry Winks, who is on loan at Sampdoria, said it takes time to adjust in the Premier League as it’s more physical than other leagues. He noted how great Son has become over the years because of his hard work both inside and outside the gym. Sissoko was amazed when he saw Son’s dedication after they joined Tottenham a year apart from each other.

The France midfielder said that the player always arrives first at training, with a laser-like focus on his job. Before he joins the team, he takes care of himself by going to the gym and doing personal activities. He wants to improve not just himself, but also his teammates and the entire team’s performance. During the game, he shows determined energy and strong desire to win.

After a slow beginning, Son became invaluable for Mauricio Pochettino’s team. As he scored goals, his fame grew and his side kept on qualifying for the Champions League (a big soccer event) regularly, even reaching the final in 2019 playing an attacking type of football that made the fans go crazy!

Now, Spurs trust him to make good things happen in important situations.

Winks said, “No matter what the score is or how the game is going, Sonny only needs one chance to make a difference. He’s really good at shooting with both of his feet and his technical skills and goal-scoring are out of this world!

He’s also an amazing dribbler – he can really move with the ball quickly, controlling it perfectly and touching it perfectly too.

Many players can move quickly without the ball, but very few are almost as fast even with it still in their possession, just like that great goal he scored against Burnley.

Son did something really impressive during a 5-0 win that earned him the Puskas Award. He got the ball near his own goal and since there were no passes, he decided to run with it. As he came closer to the halfway line, there were paths for him to take and he sprinted away from two opponents. Eventually, Son scored an awesome goal by dribbling the ball 70 yards past Nick Pope in goal!

Son was rewarded the Puskas Award in December 2019 due to his spectacular goal against Burnley. Although he shines with individual talent, Son is really a team player at heart. He never stops trying to get the ball back and runs ahead of defenders when it’s his team’s turn to have the ball. This helps Harry Kane and other teammates find more space and create better chances on offense.

Kane and Son have worked together in a remarkable way. They are both really smart players and can figure out what the other is thinking without having to say anything. No two players have ever combined for more goals in the Premier League than these two – they’ve scored 43 times together!

“Sissoko said that after seven years of training and playing together, H and Sonny know each other really well. They are almost like one mind, so they can easily cooperate with each other in a game. Sissoko is very happy to see how much they have achieved together.”

Kane is famous within his home country and is the captain of England’s national team. Son was valued by those who worked with him, but some people didn’t recognize all his successes. Last season, no one could ignore him when he scored two goals on the final day, which ties him for a trophy with Mohamed Salah from Liverpool.

When we were playing a game away against Norwich, we were doing really well. Everyone was creating opportunities to score, and players kept netting the ball into the goal – but everyone just wanted Sonny to get one as well. When he finally did score, it felt like fireworks going off because everybody was so happy for him! That goal was definitely deserved since he had played very well all game long!

Last season was the most successful of his career as he scored 18 goals in the final part of all games in the league. Son had lots of energy and stayed calm towards the end of games, which allowed him to take advantages over worn-out defences and make important contributions.

“He’s become even more focused on scoring goals and getting assists,” said the former Spurs academy player. “For Sonny, nothing is more important than being successful in those two areas. He’s ecstatic when his team wins, but if he hasn’t made a goal or assist during the game, he still isn’t totally satisfied with himself It’s just that winning mentality that sets him apart.”

Son has been causing trouble for a lot of teams, especially against the big six. He runs fast and cleverly moves around to outsmart defenses. Against the Manchester City team, he’s scored 7 goals and assisted 3 more in 13 games. That’s an impressive record!

Even though Son hasn’t played as well as he wanted during this season, he still wants to make sure Tottenham get into the Champions League. He has made a great name for himself but he’s still missing out on trophies.

Though Son is determined and resilient, this year’s World Cup and his own bad performances have disappointed him. Sissoko knows that Son will take some time to think about what went wrong before trying even harder than before.

At the start of this season, he wasn’t doing well and didn’t look too happy. But he kept on trying.

When they played Leicester at home, he got mad that he was on the bench and then came on to score three goals – a hat-trick. To do this, you need to be brave and have a strong mind.

Son has had great success in his career due to his strong work ethic and skills. Some people can forget about other people when trying to be successful, but Son’s friendly and thoughtful personality makes him popular with his teammates at Spurs. It is not just for his talent that people admire him, but for who he is as a person.

Winks commented that before anything else, people think of how kind and friendly the footballer is. He’s always smiling and joking around, no matter who they are – whether they are old or new to the team. He makes everyone feel at ease with his welcoming personality, and this helps him become the most important person in the locker room.

“What he’s done at Tottenham is really great! Everyone who plays for the club will understand how awesome he is, but unfortunately he doesn’t always get enough recognition from other people. ”

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