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West Ham 2-2 Arsenal: Gunners Ponder Self-Doubt After Throwing Away Another Two-Goal Lead

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West Ham and Arsenal were playing against each other at London Stadium on Sunday. After 10 minutes, Arsenal were two goals ahead. However, Jarrod Bowen scored an equalizer for West Ham in the end, causing the score to be 2-2. Even so, West Ham is still in first place with all decisions in their control.

Gabriel Jesus scored the first goal after only seven minutes, and Odegaard’s volley made it two giving Arsenal a six-point lead in the Premier League. But just like last week’s game against Liverpool, 2-0 for Arsenal at the start turned into a 2-2 draw by the end.

Benrahma scored a penalty to give West Ham some hope, but Gunners forward Saka missed his own spot-kick and Bowen scored an equalizer right after. Even Gunners’ manager Mikel Arteta said that they should have won the game. He stated that his team was in control of the game in the beginning but then lost their purpose.

We gave our opponents hope, allowed them to take a penalty, and then we started playing on the rollercoaster. We kept going with all the passes, corners and throw-ins but could never get away from the situation. Later, we realised that we need something more to score third and fourth goal, but it didn’t happen.

“Can Arsenal Win Against Manchester City, and the English Title?”

Right now, Arsenal are in first place with four points ahead, but the reigning champions Manchester City still has one more game to go and Erling Haaland is breaking goalscoring records every week. This means that Pep Guardiola’s team could easily catch up and win their fifth title in six seasons.

Also, Manchester City keep racking up wins so they might even win three tournaments – the Premier League, FA Cup, and Champions League titles.

City will play against Arsenal at the Etihad Stadium on Wednesday, April 26th. If Arsenal lose this match, then City must get at least one point from their remaining matches. This is because they have a better record of goals scored compared to Arsenal.

Arsenal wants to be the English champions for the first time since 2003-04 which was when Arsene Wenger’s team (known as the “Invincibles”) won the title without losing even a single game in their league matches.

Manchester City have had two victories over Arsenal so far this season. The first was a 1-0 win at the Manchester Etihad Stadium during January’s FA Cup, and then 3-1 in February’s Premier League match at the Emirates Stadium.

Former England defender Matt Upson thinks that managing head coach Mikel Arteta should not let any self-doubt set in among his players. He shared this opinion on SportNewsCenter Radio 5 Live.

Manager Arteta was disappointed that Arsenal lost their two-goal lead. He knows this match was important, as they had started off great, but then let it slip away. It’s unclear what effect this will have on the team moving forward.

“Arsenal have an amazing opportunity ahead of them, they need to keep believing in themselves and keep up the positive energy! That’s the big task facing them right now.”

Arsenal’s Disappointing Streak

Arsenal had a disappointing streak where it gave away two goals for two games in a row, something that only five teams have ever done in the Premier League history.

Coach Arteta asked his team to pay close attention throughout the whole 90 minutes game, saying they were too relaxed while playing.

He added: “When there’s an opportunity to win, you should seize it. We let our opponents get their hopes up.”

In every game, Gabriel Jesus has been giving his best effort, because the team needs to fight hard to reach their goal. Chris Sutton, a former striker and Premier League title winner, believes that Arsenal’s two draws with Liverpool and West Ham could turn out to be regretful in the end. In this time period of three matches, Jesus was able to score four goals for Arsenal!

He said: “Are Arsenal fans done with their dreams of winning the title today?”

“I’m really surprised that Arteta said they felt ‘too comfortable’ when they were 2-0 up.

“It’s really concerning that in the last two games, Arsenal lost leads of two goals – this makes it hard to believe they have the strength to win the title now.

“Of course it’s still possible but Manchester City have shown before that they can go on a streak and win many games in a row.”

The Arsenal players must have been disappointed when they were all in the dressing room at the end of the game. This disappointment will also spread to their supporters who were feeling good about how the team was doing until then. The last few matches didn’t even involve them coming from behind but instead just throwing away a two-goal lead, which definitely would be tough for them to take.

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